Top Blockchain Projects Every Investor Should Consider In 2019

Last year, the boost in the price of cryptocurrencies was accompanied by a corresponding boost in the number of blockchain projects in the world. At some point, companies started adding the word ‘blockchain’ to their business names to benefit from the hype surrounding the emerging technology. Many scam ICOs also surfaced increasing the regulatory pressure in the cryptocurrency industry. This was in a bid to protect unsuspecting investors from falling prey to fraudulent projects. At the same time, some legitimate projects were unable to develop valuable products that would be of high demand.
Following the ICO crash, it might be difficult for an investor to trust any new blockchain project this year. However, there are still some upcoming projects that may be worth your while this year.

Top Blockchain Projects To Consider In 2019

1. VeChain

For years now, VeChain has been able to build its brand by entering into mutually beneficial partnerships with industry leaders. One of such partnerships was with the second biggest professional service firm in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). This partnership is going to lead to the development of value-adding products based on blockchain technology. Keep in mind that VeChain is also working on other projects with Microsoft and Hyperledger.

VeChain (VET) Price Today – VET / USD

Apart from this, VeChain is also making plans to use near field communication communication to track products on the supply chain using VeChain’s blockchain. This system will allow users to track inventory and logistics accurately. The network will monitor the process of manufacturing from the first stage to the last stage all the way to delivery. It will also track the life cycle of the products helping the users to determine the authenticity of the project.

2. Lisk

Apart from VeChain, Lisk is working on big projects this year. The two-year old blockchain startup was developed by Oliver Beddows, and Max Kordek. This blockchain startup stands out from many other projects because it has a strong parent company with enough resources to fund any project. During the bear market in 2018, Lisk suffered great financial losses but it still continued to work on its development. In a digital world without privacy, such a project couldn’t be more important.

Lisk (LSK) Price Today – LSK / USD

The major project the company is working on is going to give users full control of their data. By offering users the power to secure their data online, Lisk hopes to free the public from the data breaches caused by centralized organizations.

Lisk isn’t the only startup that aims at giving users full control of their data. Tron and EOS are also working on similar projects. However, Lisk might be more appealing to users because of its fundamental design principles.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

During the extended bear market in 2018, more than one thousand cryptocurrency projects were shut down because of lack of funds. While many of these were scam projects, many others were legitimate but simply ran out of funds. The cryptocurrency market valuation fell by up to $700 billion from December 2017 when it stood at $800 billion.

Having adequate resources is one of the key factors that will determine how far a project will go next to product type and adoption. The two projects listed above don’t just have great visions, they also have the resources required to achieve this vision.


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