Binance Shows Support for Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork Slated for January 16

 The long-awaited Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople hard fork which was scheduled to go live on the 16th of January 2019 could occur a few hours before or after the date slated for the launch. Although, this will depend on the targeted block height of 7,080,000. The type of enormity and excitement brought by the upgrade has led to the third most valuable cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) recording significant gains during the last two weeks.

Binance Reveals it Will be Supporting the Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

Top exchange Binance recently announced that it would support the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork slated for a January 16 launch date. The exchange has asked its holders of ETH to let enough time pass for their deposits to be fully processed before the target block height is achieved. Binance went on to reassure its users and traders that they are going to handle the technical requirements of the event. As per the announcement by Binance:

We will take care of the entire technical requirements involved in the project for our users who are holding Ether.”

Pending on attaining the 7, 08 000 Hard Fork Block Height, the launch time may be between 2019/01/14 and 2019/01/18.

The Chances of More Hard Forks and Airdrops During the Upgrade

The Ethereum Constantinople hard fork has received acclaim by many in the space having achieved consensus across the Ether community. However, there remains a slim chance that there may be more hard forks as Ethereum community members and developers wish to conduct their own versions by upgrading the Ethereum network. Hence, a reason why Binance added the following information should such a situation occur:

In the event that there are other hard forks or airdrops on the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork period, we are inviting the respective project teams to reach us at to discuss further.

The Performance of Ethereum (ETH) Since December Last Year

As of mid-December 2018 Ethereum (ETH) had dropped to number three among the top coins by market capitalization. This development occurred after the XRP token managed to usurp Ethereum (the King of Smart Contracts) from the number two position as the bear market sentiment spread vastly with top digital asset Bitcoin (BTC) trading at $3,200 at some point during the period. At that same period, the Ethereum (ETH) price was lingering around $83.

However, after the Ethereum Constantinople, the hard fork was confirmed and the fact that it will involve a lot of enhancements to the Ethereum network. There has been renewed interest in the ETH token, which in turn has led to the digital asset reclaiming its previous number two position only one day ago. The value of Ether is currently $153, which indicates an 84.3% increase in value during a period two, and half week period when compared to the $83 recorded in mid-December 2018.

With only two weeks left to the slated date for the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork, the second most valuable digital asset might just sustain its streak of making gains in the crypto market as excitement abounds and curiosity grows.

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