XRP Is Positioned To Become The World’s Foremost Cryptocurrency According To Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings

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The current state of affairs of the cryptocurrency market is no longer news. Even people who know little about the industry know that the past months have been tough. The new year bull rally increased the confidence investors have in the industry briefly until things turned sideways in no time. During this roller-coaster ride, all cryptocurrencies, including XRP and ETH, have suffered. At the beginning of the last bear wave in November, XRP was doing relatively well as it outperformed the entire market. In fact, it took the second position from ETH and held on to it for more than one month.

XRP Positioned For Greatness

The price of XRP isn’t currently at its best, however, the cryptocurrency has solid fundamentals. Don’t forget that the XRP army is one of the most active in the cryptocurrency community. Their effort, and the effort of Ripple has helped XRP maintain a strong foothold in the industry.

Two days ago, the XRP community demanded that Ripple and Elon Musk make announcements that will boost the price of the XRP token. While they didn’t get what they desired, their confidence in the token was reaffirmed when the popular cryptocurrency rating agency, Weiss, announced that XRP is going to become the most sort after cryptocurrency in 2019. The report was as follows:

“XRP is specifically making plans to overthrown Swift, the most dominant provider of cross border payments services. If it manages to take some of Swift’s market share, XRP will eventually become the number one cryptocurrency in the world.”

This prediction isn’t surprising because Ripple is already making waves in the global payment industry. Last year, reports cited many partnerships between Ripple and many traditional financial institutions. A margin trading facility for XRP was also launched by Kraken. Announcing the margin changes, the exchange stated:
“Note that XRP and BCH are not collateral cryptocurrencies. So, you cannot open margin positions against XRP and BCH value balances. We encourage you to always maintain adequate balances of collateral currencies if you want to hold your margin positions.”

Weiss Makes BTC Prediction

Weiss didn’t just make a prediction for XRP. The rating agency also predicted that Bitcoin will become a popular demand for value storage. The reason for this, according to Weiss, is that BTC has high portability and it can compete with gold. This prediction is in line with what Lou Kerner, a cryptocurrency expert said about Bitcoin. In his words:
“Bitcoin is a $60 billion asset while gold is an $8 trillion asset. If you ask me, BTC can rise by 100 fold from 0. This will push the entire digital market ahead of its time.”

XRP (XRP) Price Analysis

Right now, XRP is trading at $0.365399. This shows that it is up by 1.99% against the USD and down by 2.24% against the BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $558,955,459. The market capitalization is $14,906,134,183. The next few days of trading will determine if the price action will change.


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