First Ever Live Enterprise Blockchain Shifts Focus To Global Trade’s chief operating officer, Roberto Mancone has built a reputation in the industry as a man of his word. This trait is important in an industry known for failed promises. Last year, Mancone promised that would go live in the middle of the year. The platform went live exactly as promised focusing on trading between medium and small-scale enterprises among European countries. Later in the same year, the company promised to make a move outside the European market for the first time. As expected, it fulfilled the promise when it announced that it was working on a project with eTradeConnect. Shifts Focus To Global Trade

A while ago, Mancone predicted that Batavia will join forces with Batavia is a finance blockchain built on the Hyperledger Fabric. Even if Batavia is no longer in existence, three out of its five banks have opted to join This is just one of the many predictions Mancone has made that came to pass. Now, he has made another promise about possible partnerships. In his words:

“Apart from inviting more clients into our platform, we want to keep extending to Asia. We also intend to develop a strategic partnership outside the financial market. Our ultimate goal isn’t to give our clients one good player who can do everything. It is to combine efforts with a group of players and enable a seamless journey.”

These partnerships, if successful, will lead to an increase in adoption as more territories will be involved. It will be used to give users the kind of user experience bank-backed systems can’t brag of. He went further to explain the partnership between and eTradeConnect:

“Rather than licensing something or building it, we wanted to see if it would be possible to connect already existing platforms that have similar goals. This will save a lot of time and money.”
Getting a banking blockchain platform these days isn’t easy. This is why stands out in the world of enterprise blockchains. The focus of the platform in 2019 would be on expanding to Asia and results should be expected as early as Q1.

Possible Partners For

For some time now, has had eyes on IBM, Maersk and TradeLens. Since the focus of the platform is now on global trade, and IBM was originally a development partner of, it wouldn’t be surprising if a partnership comes up now. TradeLens is also a good prospective partner. The platform, which is hosted on Hyperledger’s Fabric, has documented the entire supply chain process. It would be a good match for

IBM, Maersk and TradeLens have already built a large network of customers across the globe. They are some of the leading brands in logistics and supply chain. Combining forces with these brands will be revolutionize the game for permanently. However, Mancone admitted that such a partnership is going to require a great deal of work and understanding. The good thing is that IBM has already indicated interest in such a partnership. A while ago, the vice president of IBM acknowledged that and TradeLens will both have disruptive effects in the industry. In time, everyone would know if the partnership will start.


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