Programing Blockchain Instructor, Jimmy Song Talks About Educating The Next Generation Of Bitcoin Developers

For the past ten years, the open-source protocol called Bitcoin has made its way to different corners of the world. While it is attracting attention from different industries in different regions, a lot of people don’t fully understand Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology.

Even some developers in the technology industry, don’t understand how blockchain development works. This is why blockchain education is important especially for developers who already understand the concept of coding.
Right now, developers can access the Bitcoin repository on Github. They can learn the code behind the technology and contribute to it if they wish. The more developers join the network, the better it would be. This is why the author of Programming Bitcoin Jimmy Song, who is also an instructor at Programing Blockchain, said:

“Blockchain programming isn’t easy to understand even for traditional developers. The most difficult part of getting started with Bitcoin is cryptography. This is because this kind of math isn’t what regular developers are used to.”

While some experts believe that the number of Bitcoin developers who are currently in existence isn’t sufficient, some others believe that the number is just fine for a new industry. They believe that, in time, the number will increase. This is why John Newbery, a Bitcoin engineer at Chaicode Labs said:

“Almost every day, you hear people complain about how difficult it is to find experienced Bitcoin developers. However, we are ignoring the fact that the industry is still new and it just started gaining mainstream attention a few years ago. At Chaicode, we are doing all we can to deepen and widen the Bitcoin developer pool.”

Apart from developer education, there are still many aspects of expertise in the industry that require a high level of understanding to grasp Bitcoin generally. There are so many aspects of this new technology that need to be explored leaving us confused about where to start. There are some experts who believe that it is impossible to completely understand the concept of digital currencies no matter how hard we try.

Let’s Start From The Beginning

With so many aspects to address, starting from the beginning isn’t such a bad idea. The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, was able to introduce something so complex to the world for the first time. How did he do this? In his white paper, Nakamoto broke down the concepts and provided individual explanations for each of them. After that, he tied everything up with a single explanation making it easier to grasp.

In a bid to educate the public, Justin Moon decided to imitate Nakamoto’s method of educating people through his BUIDL Bootcamp. Moon aims at teaching those interested about Bitcoin through a four-project curriculum titled “How Bitcoin Works”.

Moon’s bootcamp, just like Nakamoto’s white paper, takes a constructive and progressive approach to explaining Bitcoin. It starts with the basics like explaining transactions, timestamps, proof-of-work consensus algorithms and then ties everything up. The bootcamp simplified concepts so much that even those with little programming knowledge were able to follow up.

Chaincode Labs is also working on blockchain education just like Moon. They offer multiple week courses about Bitcoin and related technologies. They teach students about everything related to Bitcoin and even extend their education to second layer protocols like Bitcoin Lightning.

Do you think it is possible for anyone to fully understand Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology by attending these educational programs?

Max writes about blockchain projects and regulation with a special focus on United States and China. He joined Smarterum after years of writing for various media outlets.


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