Users Can Now Purchase Tokenized Apple Shares Using Either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)

According to reports, one Belarus-based Blockchain startup has launched a new initiative. It is a tokenized securities trading platform designed to enable investors buy into the traditional markets using Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The Belarus-based Blockchain startup behind the endeavor is

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What you Need to Know About Tokenized Securities

As has been indicated above, a Blockchain-powered technology company based in Belarus has revealed that it is launching a trading platform to facilitate the buying of tokenized securities with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The new initiative by the Belarus-based platform is designed to allow investors trade and invest directly in the common financial instruments including equities, commodities, and indices. The program enables trading were the need to convert their digital assets to fiat currency is removed.

As per the official report, will issue up to 10,000 tokenized securities although the network will start with about 150 tokenized securities, including everything from stocks to silver, natural gas and oil. Investors or users on the platform will be allowed to purchase tokens, mirroring the performance of a number of conventional assets including Apple shares that has been listed on NASDAQ. Tokenized securities on the platform will cost the same as an Apple share in terms of price and can be purchased with top assets BTC or ETH. First Blockchain Platform to be Granted License By HTP has slowly but gradually built its reputation in the Blockchain sector. It is the very first blockchain-related business to be licensed by the Belarus’ HTP (High Technology Park) under Decree No. 8 of Belarus tagged “On The Development of a Digital Economy.” is well known to be compliant with the indigenous legislation. Apart from that, the platform also imposes strict KYC procedures and AML requirements supported by Blockchain-related intelligence services including Elliptic, Chainanalysis, and Coinfirm. Hence, we can agree that a Blockchain tracking software will be utilized to monitor transactions conducted on the platform.

There’s more, has also indicated that it is going to use its FCA and CySEC regulated branch or sister platform to provide users with access to the tokenized models of contracts in exchange for specific commodities, indexes, and equities.

Are Tokenized Assets a Trend In The Making?

Earlier in the month, it was reported that one Estonian Blockchain-based platform known as DX Exchange would be offering its users the option to trade big-name stocks with tokens on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain by means of smart contracts.

Meanwhile, based on a report from 2018, Singapore’s Monetary Authority (the country’s de-facto central bank), reportedly teamed up with a number of major firms including Deloitte, Anquan, and NASDAQ. The purpose of the collaboration was to team up and develop solutions to support simultaneous exchange and the settlement of tokenized currencies as well as security assets.

It would appear that the tokenization of the existing traditional assets including stocks and others is actually becoming a growing trend because the number of platforms that have been enabling this initiative is increasing by the day

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