Blockchain-based Firm Blockstream Launches Beta Satellite API Version for Data Broadcast

Blockchain-based company Blockstream is reportedly launching a beta version of its Satellite API, to help developers broadcast data with the company’s satellite network. This information came to light via an official announcement on January 16.

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The scheme comes after Blockstream’s satellite service launch in December 2018, when the company started broadcasting the Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain globally. Blockstream’s Bitcoin space program is reportedly designed to free the digital asset network from its dependence on land-based Internet connections ultimately increasing its robustness.

This new product by Blockstream gives users a chance to use the company’s satellites for encrypted messaging. Users will pay for the service by means of the Lightning testnet, meaning broadcasting is free. Developers can submit messages via a RESTful API, while users will have the option to submit messages via Blockstream’s website.

WWF Launches Own Blockchain Tool to Track its Food Supply Chain

Reports have it that the WWF-Australia (World Wildlife Fund-Australia) has launched a supply chain tool dependent on the Blockchain initiative to give businesses and consumers the opportunity to track foodstuff. The news came via a tweet on January 17.

The platform, which will be known as OpenSC, is the result of a collaboration between BCG Digital Ventures and WWF-Australia. BCG Digital Ventures is a global corporate firm and the investment and incubation arm of the US-based Boston Consulting Group.

WWF revealed via their site that the new system allows businesses and consumers to track food products. Consumers can also view the origin of the products in question via a “special Blockchain code from the product’s origin.” 

The aim of the scheme is to reportedly give consumers the power to know what items they are buying so that they can make an ethical choice. This will ensure that producers won’t have access to using the complexities of supply chains to disguise any dubious sourcing as well as production practices.

Background Information on OpenSC Initiative

According to Dermot O’Gorman who serves as WWF-Australia CEO via a press release today January 17:

Through the OpenSC scheme, we will have a new level of transparency regarding whether the food we are consuming is contributing to the environmental degradation of species and habitats as well as social injustices and even human rights issues like slavery.”

As per the report, the OpenSC-tracked produce will be served to world leaders next week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

It is believed that in the near future, the scheme could actually extend beyond food and be used as a means of tackling areas like palm oil and timber produce.

Bill Exempting Non-Custodial Crypto Services From Specific Laws Reintroduced to US Congress

In other US reports, a bill exempting companies offering non-custodial crypto services from a number of state money transmitting guidelines has reportedly been resubmitted to Congress. The report was published via Congress’ official website  Jan.

The bill is called “To provide a safe harbor from licensing and registration for certain non-controlling blockchain developers and providers of blockchain services,” was reportedly submitted by longtime U.S. congressman Tom Emmerich. With congressman Darren Soto his co-sponsor. Emmerich has previously shown interest in the Blockchain sector and cryptocurrencies. He has been featured among the list of members Congress involved in cryptocurrency.

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