John MacAfee – Bitcoin (BTC) Bull and Co-Founder of MacAfee Crypto Team – Runs Away From the Law While Campaigning For Presidency

John McAfee recently announced that he and his wife have been accused by a grand jury on felony and federal charges related to what he said are eight years of delinquent US federal income taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. McAfee announced this on Tuesday via a video on Twitter.

McAfee is a big fan of Bitcoin (BTC) and he is the founder of McAfee Antivirus, CEO of Luxcore, and co-founder of McAfee Crypto Team. In his post on Twitter, he said: “The McAfee 2020 Campaign is, as of this day, in exile.” He said he is being charged with using digital currencies in criminal acts against the United State Government.

A War between Governments and Digital Currencies

McAfee said that this is a war between governments and digital currencies. He said that over the past two years, he has been speaking at conferences all over the world and making videos and writing about the fact that digital currency will at some point go head-to-head with governments.

He said this is because privacy digital currencies are used widely, governments will no longer be able to collect income taxes. This means that they will have to shrink or sort for new means. McAfee said that: “I have always said this is a good thing, and we will at some point be at war. We are at war today.”

Could McAfee be Exaggerating of Lying?

McAfee is very squally, so chances are there are no charges. McAfee – a notorious publicity hound and a loose cannon who is running for president – might just be fabricating or acting up whatever he is going through. McAfee – a digital currency anarchist and anti-government that made his millions from antivirus software – made his video about the tax evasion charges from a boat as he talks about the charges him and his wife face for tax evasion.

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In the video, he said that he has not paid taxes for eight years, adding that he does not keep it as a secret. He said he has not filed returns, and he keeps telling the IRS that he is not filing returns every year. McAfee said he has no intention of filing returns. Adding that it is not illegal.

Taxation Is Theft – Income Tax Protestors

Income tax protestors, such as McAfee, believe that taxation is theft. The reason is that governments get their tax fund by criminalizing non-payment and treating non-taxpayers the way they treat violent criminals. The US government has also gone as far as imprisoning income tax protestors such as McAfee before. Even the late Irwin Schiff was also imprisoned for the same course.

In the opinion of tax protestors such as Irwin Schiff and John McAfee, in the near future, people will see taxation as a barbaric way for organizations to acquire resources from other humans as it is basically unfair.

McAfee Is Running His Campaign in Exile

McAfee said the IRS has convened a grand jury in Tennessee to charge him, his wife, and four of his campaign workers, with unspecified crimes of a felonious nature. He said he won’t allow that to happen, adding that he is running his campaign in exile on his boat. He said he won’t allow them to imprison him and shut his voice down. He concluded by saying that he would be uploading videos every day to keep his followers updated on what has happened.

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