Jarrod Dicker, CEO Of Blockchain Media Startup Steps Down To Focus On His Role At Washington Post

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The CEO of the media blockchain, Po.et, Jarrod Dicker, has announced that he would be stepping down as CEO to focus on his new role as Vice President of Commercial Technology at Washington post. Dicker made the announcement on Medium today. He stated that while he would be stepping down as CEO, he would take up a role in the advisory board of the company. The role of CEO will be played by David Turner who is the head of product. After announcing his decision and saying Turner will be taking over, Dicker wrote:
“David has been in charge of product functions and engineering for months now. He is fully capable of overseeing the entire Po.et.”

The blockchain media company, Po.et, relies on Bitcoin’s blockchain for creating provenance of digital media with the aim of improving monetization and content discovery. The upcoming CEO, David Turner, previously worked in scalable marketing and social media analytics. Hopefully, his diversity will give him an edge as CEO.

Dicker was previously in charge of the innovation group at the Post. The company had named this group RED team and it has worked hard to develop new and improved ways to earn money on News using technology. The paper has recorded profitability for the past two years as well as strong revenue growth irrespective the chilly media environment at this time.

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When making his announcement, Dicker acknowledged that Po.et had a strong year. However, he said that the company didn’t meet up with expectations. In his words:“Our team was built to drive about 100 mph at all times. We discovered that this is the core component of our success but it has also forced us into humility. The truth is that we are still a long way from adoption.”

In December 2018 , the company let go of five employees who were members of its engineering team according to reports by The Block. This shows that it wasn’t all rosy throughout the year. Generating financial support has been a major challenge for many digital news companies. Civil, throughout 2018, struggled to generate cash from news junkies and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to operate to full capacity. In this digital era were information is freely available on the Internet, it is difficult for agencies that sell news to thrive. News monetization is the hallmark of both companies.

His role at Post will make him responsible for promoting innovation in revenue generation strategies for the company. He and his team will come up with new and improved way to monetize news on the internet using blockchain technology. Before now, he was the Vice President of Innovation and Commercial Product.

Can you think of new ways for these companies to generate revenue? Share your thoughts.


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