Blockchain Technology To Revolutionize Multi-cloud Network Management In Enterprises


Cloud computing is one of the most popular technologies used by enterprises today. Statistics have shown that 81% of these enterprises have multi-cloud strategies and hybrid public and private clouds. As efficient as cloud computing is, managing multiple networks and clouds can get complicated as well as create security risks. Well, blockchain technology can make things easy for these enterprises as it can be used to effectively manage enterprise cloud networks.

How Blockchain Technology Can Help Enterprises In Multi-cloud Network Management

One of the most common problems enterprises face with multi-cloud networks is the inability to communicate efficiently. Often, cloud providers remain in their private networks finding it difficult to communicate with each other without significantly interrupting the firewall configuration of the network. Each time an instance gets bridged successfully, another challenge is presented and that is security. There is no way to guarantee that the communication will go through safely and securely. Solving these issues using traditional means requires funds that would have otherwise been used to promote the business.

Blockchain technology provides a cheaper and more effective solution. Using a blockchain would eliminate the need to use separate VPNs that are centrally managed. Rather, the system will depend on strong peer-to-peer connections. Thanks to the decentralised nature of blockchain technology, systems based on it have great auxiliary technology and tools attached to them. With blockchain technology, enterprises can enjoy data-replication and vast peer-to-peer networking. This will create a bridge through which these cloud providers can communicate securely irrespective of the container instance. This peer-to-peer network will also act as an overlay of the underlying connection points. This, in turn, will enable a more secure transfer of data from one point to the other.

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As technology advances, things like remote work, and decentralized work are becoming increasingly popular. There is also strong competition to attract talent from different parts of the world. This is why businesses, now more than ever, need to embrace a more flexible approach to accommodate this increase in remote work. Building many physical locations across the world is one way companies are trying to achieve this. However, this solution is capital intensive. Connecting decentralized offices using cloud technology isn’t easy at all. This is especially applicable to businesses that depend on additional physical locations for increased revenue.

Blockchain technology, when implemented, can solve this problem and drastically reduce cost for these companies. It can be used to improve networks across various locations. Blockchain’s flexibility makes it the perfect technology for facilitating efficient communication from one point to another irrespective of how often the network changes.

The fact is that blockchain technology can potentially change the way enterprises do business. However, the most efficient blockchain would be one that is resilient in the event that the central network points fail. It needs to have stronger identity management and secure endpoints. The cryptographic keys of blockchain technology are more efficient than usernames and passwords that can be cracked easily.
Blockchain technology is still at its early stages. However, it has proven to be incredibly useful in many industries. More research needs to be done to uncover all the benefits of blockchain technology. Developers are already working on using blockchain technology to change the world.

Do you think enterprises will be open to the idea of using blockchain technology to manage their multi-cloud networks?


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