GDPR May Not Halt Behavioral Ads, But These Batch of Bitcoin Browsers Can

The GDPR has big goals relating to protecting consumer privacy. However, even if you’re blocking cookies or going out, you will still be tracked. According to several privacy advocates in Europe, advertisers can track victims who have suffered sexual abuse. The group of privacy advocates are led by Brave privacy browser.

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Leading the Charge: Brave Bowser

In a fresh slingshot against Google, the Brave privacy browser insists that the sensitive information of clients or users on the browser are used to create profiles, or labels and the easiest way to achieve this is using cookies or the browser tracking technology. According to research by the New Economics Foundation, startups are created based on the principle of collecting as much information about internet users as possible relentlessly and monetizing it.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise following the continuous shockwaves from companies like Google and Facebook in recent months. Now, internet users that initially thought they were safe can have a rethink thanks to the GDPR.

Companies typically broadcast UK Internet user profiles more than 160 times daily. This information is moved around the internet ad space blatantly and in a way that ignores user privacy rights.

Examples of Alternative Privacy Focused Browsers

Many internet users don’t hesitate to give their personal information away. Many people are not even bothered or don’t even take the time to read privacy policy pages of every website they visit on the web. Failure to do this means they are leaving a vast online footprint. Efforts like the GDPR can’t tackle the issue entirely. It won’t even keep your browser history away from advertisers who are determined to get your personal information.

What has Been the Situation Regarding the Fight For Anonymity and User Privacy?

Even if you prefer the incognito window or use a VPN, it is still possible for you to be tracked. Hence, if you want to cover your foot print online and stop the ad-technology sector from creating a profile using your information consider any of the below bitcoin-friendly browsers:

About BRAVE Browser

Brave is known as a privacy-focused browser offering users the option to navigate online without having to worry about being watched. The browser blocks ads and trackers. It claims to be a cryptocurrency friendly browser that allows users to make micropayment contributions to publishers like “tipping.”

On Brave, publishers aren’t given the option to decide whether they want to get donations, and this has caused some backlash for the privacy browser.

Users who are bothered to read feedbacks will understand that the Blockchain isn’t really the issue here. It is with the way in we represent unverified creators.


The Epic browser comes with no ads, spying, and privacy abuse. It includes a built-in VPN. After opting out your browsing history is deleted immediately. The designers of this browser claim it is kept safe from employers, your ISP, or even government surveillance. Epic also accepts payments in Bitcoin (BTC).


Tor browser is ideal for advanced privacy. It also accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments like epic (and can run a full node in jurisdictions that don’t support Bitcoin). Tor claims to protect user browsing history via a distributed collection of nodes operated by global volunteers.



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