Craig Wright Comes For XRP And TRX Supporters Says They Are Dumber Than Dirt

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Eery few members of the cryptocurrency development community are as controversial as Craig Wright. While Wright has contributed enormously to the development of cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology, he hasn’t made a lot of friends along the way. This is because he doesn’t hold back from saying his opinions and he certainly doesn’t sugarcoat his words. More than once, Wright has come for well-known developers and projects with unconstructive criticism.

Craig Wright Comes For XRP And TRX Supporters

This week, the XRP and TRX community members had their share of Wright’s criticism. Wright referred to XRP as a retarded project which was only promoted by marketing hype. You see Wright is the lead developer of BSV, the BCH hard fork. This coin has a market capitalization that is a little over a billion while XRP has up to $13 billion in market capitalization and stands tall as the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. Somehow, though, Wright is convinced that XRP is an retarded project.

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As expected, he got some responses from the cryptocurrency community. While many members of cryptocurrency Twitter quickly responded to Wright’s comment, the response that stood out most was from Darkcrypto who tried to reason with Wright respectfully. In his words:

“I respect the point of view of others. We respect your view but what is wrong with XRP? Is it the decentralization? Is it the being controlled? Is it the use cases? Is it the fact that it’s already being used by businesses?”

In response to Darkcrypto Wright said:

“No, XRP is a sham protocol that adds little – a false promise. It is just shit technology with hype and marketing. It is a security being falsely marketed as something novel.”

Wright’s disdain toward XRP is not new. During the Bitcoin Cash Fork War, Wright attacked the legal standing of XRP while addressing his followers. He referred to XRP as a security token that is a few announcements aways from being declared illegal. He also said XRP was the biggest scam in the cryptocurrency industry. In his words:

“XRP is the biggest scam in the industry. I can’t wait for a time when the sham offer will be revoked. The idea of issuing out unregistered securities and selling them to noobs who want to get rich without working is not new.”

Craig Wright Comes For XRP And TRX Supporters

After referring to the XRP token as a shit coin, Wright came for the TRX community. He said that those who believe in TRX are dumber than dirt. In his words:

“How do you know that someone is dumber than dirt? You see them supporting TRX. Even dirt is smarter than that.”

No one from the Tron development team responded to Wright’s tweet as it seemed the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto was in the mood for a fight. Commenting on one of the replies to this tweet, Wright said that all ICOs are scams.

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While Craig Wright is certain that XRP is a scam project, Ripple is pushing forward and making waves all over the industry. A few days ago, the CEO of the company, Brad Garlinghouse attending a conference were be debated on the future of cryptocurrencies.

What do you think? Is there any truth in Wright’s opinion of XRP and TRX? Share your comments.

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