Stratis, A London-based Project Uses Microsoft Architecture To Make Things Easy For Developers

A London-based company, Stratis, debuted its platform for developers. The platform includes smart contracts, sidechains, STO, ICO, distributed ledger technology and many other tools that simplify the development process. According to the announcement, the platform leverages the Stratis C# Full Node. This is an innovative software by the company with a code base built on the Microsoft. Net Core architecture. The service focuses on promoting the mainstream adoption of blockchain solutions. Developers can use the languages in an environment that is familiar and well-populated.

Stratis Gets Launched To Boost Blockchain Adoption

A while ago, with silver competency as ISV, Stratis joined the Microsoft Partnership Network. The network is written in the C# language according to the company. This language is being used by more than 34% of all developers outside the blockchain community. The founder and CEO of Stratis, Chris Trew, said:

“Our deliveries of sidechains and smart contracts in recent times has been innovative. I think we are the first platform to ever turn complete smart contracts into C#. We have witnessed the impact of smart contract deployment on the mainchain with massive adoption. So, we decided to deliver our smart contract solution on a sidechain to avoid performance issues and bloating.”

The team behind the project believe that migrating to implementation that is based on C# will improve the performance of the blockchain and make it easy for third party developers to use it. The blog stated:

“When it comes to downloading the Stratis blockchain, the Stratis Full Node can be more effective than the StratisX node. It doesn’t compromise on security.”

The developers who build on the Stratis network have a full suite with useful tools in C#.NET development. They can develop and deploy smart contracts without using any external tool.

Stratis Champions Blockchain Education

In a bid to educate beginners and other traditional developers in its Academy, Stratis will be providing working examples, course materials, technical infrastructure, and many other resources. Trew continued:

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“Another important aim we have is to educate those in our academy. We have many experienced technical writers that write low-level content when they are not busy with consultancy engagements.”

This isn’t the first move Stratis is making into the market. In June 2016, the company started a crowdfunding campaign. Now, the company has made mechanics for initial coin offerings available to those interested. Interested parties will be able to access funds in more than 50 cryptocurrencies and in fiat currency, particularly the USD.

Stratis has already developed the START token which is listed on some of the top exchanges in the world including Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, and Changelly. The company isn’t just concerned with issuing tokens. It is also providing interested parties the platform they need to create tokens through blockchain technology according to Cointelegraph.

An author from Hackernoon noticed that Stratis has a functional token contract that corresponds with the ERC20 standard. However, it is written in C# and executed on-chain. A decentralized app is being created on top of the smart contract with a customized interface. It allows investors and startups to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Do you think this platform will encourage mainstream developers to dive into the blockchain industry? Feel free to comment below.

Ufuoma Ogono is a cryptocurrency writer with over 3 years experience in the cryptocurrency industry. She dedicates her time to sharing valuable information to members of the cryptocurrency community.


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