Government Of Seoul City Appoints New Members To Its Blockchain Governance Team

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The Seoul Metropolitan Government in South Korea has issued appointment letters to new members of its blockchain governance team. The team was set up to work on the integration of blockchain technology in the administration services in the city. ICON, the blockchain network made the announcement on Feb 8. The Metropolitan government believes that the team will be able to investigate the benefits of blockchain technology and its application into various administrative processes in the city including sub-contract payment and verification of digital documents.

Blockchain Governance Team

The team is made up of 100 participants who are between the ages of 21 and 77. People from different backgrounds are in the team including corporate employees, university students, developers, among other. The team members will test a pilot version of a system that has to do with using blockchain-based technology for administration services. They will provide recommendations and comments from January 2019 to December 2020.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government used ICON’s blockchain to issue mobile letters to appoint the new team members. This was to prevent fake issuance and falsification of data. One of the members of council in the ICON Foundation, J.H Kim, said that they believe that the increase in blockchain use-cases is what attracted the government to blockchain. The appointment is one step that shows how blockchain technology can be used in the government.

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In January, Yeongdeungpo-gu announced that it is making plans to improve administrative transparency using an evaluation system based on blockchain technology. The district is going to expand this blockchain system to include the entire department and many other municipalities.

That same month, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration in South Korea launched a blockchain-based pilot that has to do with the application of blockchain technology in the defense industry. The government promised to provide 600 million won in grants to support the implementation of blockchain technology in defense.

With the current adoption rate, do you think South Korea is going to be the Silicon Valley of Blockchain technology in the next few years?

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