Former iOS Game, Flappy Bird, Will Make A Comeback On The EOS Blockchain

In 2014, Flappy Bird was one of the most popular games in the gaming world. Years later, the EOS blockchain is being used to host a clone of Flappy Bird for the delight of gamers. This is according to the reports from Trybe. The most exciting part of the announcement is that players are allowed to play for free once every 12 hours. The best players will be given incentives in EOS and those who have the native token of the game, FLB, will also be able to earn dividends. The projected dividends will depend on the volume.

EOS Blockchain Hosts Flappy Birds Clone

The Flappy Bird clone on the EOS blockchain hasn’t gotten the expected attention yet. According to stats from Dapp Rader, only 57 users have used the game in the past 7 days and it has generated 154 transactions. This is equivalent to three units of EOS.

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Flappy Bird was a major success in the year 2014 setting a record as the most downloaded game of the year on the iOS app store. Unfortunately, the game was removed from the app store by the creator Dong Nguyen after it received overwhelming attention from addicted users.

The new version of the game on EOS is decentralized and it’s not clear who implemented it. Also, it’s too early to know if the blockchain-version of the game will be able to get the kind of attention the iOS version got many years ago. One thing that is sure is that blockchain gaming is becoming more popular.

Blockchain Is Revolutionizing The Gaming World

The traditional computer gaming industry is worth over $108.9 billion and is enjoyed by over 2.2 billion people worldwide. Blockchain developers are planning to change this industry for the better by making fundamental changes to certain aspects of gaming. For starters, blockchain technology is going to offer gamers real-world incentives along with amazing security.

This revolution is already getting support from big tech companies and startups. One of the startups that are showing support for this revolution is Mythical Games. In November, Mythical Games championed a $16 million funding round to promote the implementation of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. The investment will be channeled towards games for the EOS blockchain and would be available in consoles, PC and mobile.

While the revolution is expected to be extraordinary, the truth is that blockchain gaming is still in its infancy. There are still some hurdles that need to be crossed. First off, the typical gamer may complain about limited gameplay on blockchain-based games. There is also the issue of complex systems. Blockchain technology is a relatively complex and non-tech savvy person may need some help to understand how these games work. Not everyone may be willing to learn before getting immersed in the blockchain gaming world. So, it is important that developers work on making the system less complicated if there is to be a massive adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Do you think blockchain technology can revolutionize the gaming industry within the next five to ten years? Would you want to be part of this extraordinary revolution? Share your comments.


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