“It Makes No Difference Which Crypto Prevails, Bitcoin.com CEO Says”

In a recent interview with the in-house team at crypto exchange platform SFOX, renowned Bitcoin (BTC) investor, entrepreneur and Bitcoin.com CEO, Roger Ver, declared that he is a fan of cryptocurrency in general, so it doesn’t matter which token performs well in the end. Ver says:

Bitcoin (BTC) used to be the only digital currency out there. Now, there are many more cryptocurrencies. A number of people keep accusing me of attacking Bitcoin (BTC) but I don’t have a problem with Bitcoin (BTC) whatsoever. I’m a fan of any token that works.”

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Ver: Bitcoin (BTC) Early Adopters Saw Crypto As Offerings Designed to Compete Against the USD

Ver, who is an early investor in the Bitcoin (BTC) and Blockchain fintech startups (including Ripple, Kraken and Bitpay), has spent the last few years backing the monetary establishment. He claims early Bitcoin (BTC) adopters viewed crypto tokens as products created to compete against the USD. In his words:

They wanted people to have a choice regarding what type of money they can use and have more control over. They wanted competition in the money marketplace.”

Being on board with the Bitcoin (BTC), and making it mainstream, is about explaining how BTC can facilitate radical change. This mindset challenges the establishment and already existing systems along with everyone in charge. Not everyone buys the idea of challenging authority.

According to Ver, people say, “these people want to do things without permission from others.”

Ver: Satoshi Gave Crypto Space the Gift of Mystery

He added:

“If you return to the early Bitcoin (BTC) community, that will be the point of the digital asset.”

Ver, who shifted his attention toward Bitcoin Cash (BCH) after Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees became high back in 2017 because he does not care which cryptocurrency prevails. He said:

“At the end, it doesn’t really matter which crypto ends up as the dominant one, as long as it is crypto that actually gives users charge of their own funds and destiny. If it’s some crypto where transactions are controlled, monitored and spied on by the NSA, that will be a horrible issue for the world. If there’s a digital currency that allows individuals control over their funds as well as privacy too, then that’s a good thing.”

Highlights from Ver’s Interview

From the interview:

– Censorship in the BTC community is a real threat which is “jaw-dropping” and a “heartbreaking situation.”

– The giant effect of Bitcoin (BTC) network isn’t enough to sustain its edge.

– Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be on top thanks to its fast, cheap and reliable transaction model.

According to Ver Bitcoin’s greatest challenge, is the politicians and regulators. This section of the society can delay the launch of a platform, stifle innovative solution and chase entrepreneurs out of areas with poor legal frameworks. Finally, Ver said:

The biggest challenge is getting politicians and regulators out of the way of entrepreneurs who are looking to make the world better. I hope to create the tools to make politicians relinquish control over people giving them control over their lives.”

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