NEO To Lose Effect AI, A Top dApp To EOS Because “It Sucks” According To CEO, Chris Dawa

As NEO moves closer to debuting version 3.0, it has been able to ignite a lot of excitement. Many members of the NEO community believe that this latest version is going to change everything. It will be the game changer that would put NEO ahead of every other dApp development platform before the end of 2020. However, not everyone is happy with the NEO blockchain. Recently, one of the top dApps on the blockchain announced that it would be migrating to EOS.

Effect AI Migrates From NEO To EOS

NEO hosts a handful of decentralized applications and some of these applications are well-known in the dApp world. One of such an application is Effect AI. Well, at least for now.

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Some days ago, during an AMA on Telegram, the developers of Effect AI noted that they were making plans to port to EOS because they are not impressed with NEO’s performance. The developers noted that even if NEO was good for hosting their ICO, it failed when it came to hosting dApps. Chris Dawa, the CEO of Effect AI did not sugar coat his words when he said: “NEO Sucks”. Giving details he said:

“We have realized that the NEO blockchain sucks. We need to get the hell out of town. This is why we stopped producing our blockchain applications and started planning our Smart Contract Stack as we prepare to move to another blockchain. The gpool smart contract would have been a good idea but it is hosted on NEO so there is no point deploying because it is never going to go live on NEO.

In an official blog post, Effect AI noted that the NEO blockchain is not stable enough to process high TPS. While the fact that it is free is attractive, it isn’t functional. The post stated:

“The free transaction system for end users on NEO isn’t a viable option because they have to cope with so many malicious spam attacks. At its current state, the NEO blockchain has limited smart contract compilers and transaction throughput. Besides that, C# is rather immature.”

According to the blog post, the Effect AI team has been exploring different options for the last few months. After comparing many blockchains including Ethereum, EOS, Tezos, and Komodo, they decided EOS is the only blockchain that they can use to fulfill their vision.

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The Effect AI development team noted that EOS is scalable enough to be stable. They believe it presents a secure future for their decentralized app because they hope to gain massive users over time. The blog post continued:

“Simply Put: the EOS blockchain is scalable. It is easy to build on, technologically advanced, fast, has high TPS, secure and has a strong community behind it.”

While Effect AI hasn’t migrated to EOS yet, the token swap will most likely happen in April according to the AMA on Telegram. After the migration to EOS was announced, the Effect AI community expressed their excitement about the news. They are happy that the dApp is moving from NEO to EOS.

Do you think EOS will be a better dApp host for Effect AI than NEO? Please leave your opinion in the comment section.


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