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John McAfee who was a US Presidential Candidate and former ICO-enthusiast, turned crypto expert has set a ‘hard date’ for Bitcoin (BTC) price to hit the $1 million mark. McAfee’s move follows a prediction of “$1 million Bitcoin (BTC) someday” by Jesse Lund, the vice-president of IBM a Blockchain and digital currency-based startup.

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Lund: I See Bitcoin (BTC) at $1 Million One Day

Lund made this prediction during an interview when asked about his view of the future for Bitcoin (BTC). He said:

“I see Bitcoin (BTC) hitting the $1 million mark someday. I have blogged about this a bit.”

Lund’s prediction may, however, be partly based on a preference for round figures. The IBM vice president remarked that he liked the figure due to the fact a “Satoshi token will be equal to a U.S. penny.” Lund also insisted that the $20 trillion liquidity of Bitcoin (BTC), would alter the global financial services landscape massively.

But insinuating that ‘someday’ is a little bit vague. It is something that is difficult to be excited about which is where McAfee comes in.

McAfee isn’t Content With Lund’s future Prediction

While applauding the fact that Lund is ‘awakening’ and agreeing to the fact that the ‘Bitcoin (BTC) price will hit $1,000,000’, McAfee was not contented with ‘someday.’ Which is why he upped the ante and went on to set a ‘hard date’ for the $1 million Bitcoin (BTC) forecast. According to him, the Bitcoin (BTC) price will reach $1 million by December 31 2020.

The current prediction updates (and doubles down on) McAfee’s previous bet. We can recall from a previous report that McAfee made a bet in July 2017, that the Bitcoin price of $3971 at the time would move above the $500,000 level in three years.

McAfee is remembered to have claimed that he would eat his manhood on national television if he lost the bet. When asked in Twitter comments, McAfee said this was the same bet. He claims that he has never lost a bet.

Whichever one of McAfee’s opinion comes to pass, his life is fascinating. Last year the Bitcoin bull declared his that he would (for the second time) be running for the office of President of the United States, with the Libertarian party. Earlier this year, McAfee revealed that the IRS had launched an attack on him, for ‘unspecified crimes,’ which has driven him into living in exile.

McAfee Predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) Will End up in One of Three Ways

Giving crypto price predictions is a notoriously precarious position and putting your manhood on the line will definitely be a move-too-far for anyone except McAfee.

So, do we expect to see the expert devouring his genitals on live television? We hope not for many reasons. The chief reason among them is personal financial gain. After all, the prospect of achieving a $1 million Bitcoin (BTC) rate in less than two years certainly is something to be excited about. Not to talk about a man eating his own manhood. Predictions like these have come and gone in the past. Many have been realized while others have also been false prophecies.

Is it possible that McAfee’s predictions are more accurate? Only time will tell.


Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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