Fortnite Mastermind Tim Sweeney Defends EOS Blockchain Bloat

Fortnite mastermind Tim Sweeney recent waded into EOS defense via Crypto Twitter against claims that the Blockchain offering was too bloated to support mass adoption.

Tim Sweeney is a renowned Gaming mogul who is best known for founding the firm behind Fortnite, made an unusual move when he defended the size of EOS in a tweet.

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Understandably, the block size and Blockchain bloat is actually a serious issue within the crypto community. The Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain currently clocks at 200GB. Concerns about the network being too centralized resulted in a years-long debate regarding raising the standard block size of Bitcoin (BTC). The debate ultimately led to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) creation.

After a series of explanations, the Fortnite billionaire didn’t still understand the issue. Instead, be stood on the defensive.

EOS Has Grown to 4TB in 8 Months

The problem that Sweeney failed to see is EOS block has only grown to 4 Terabytes in 8 months which is unsustainable on the long term for such a protocol.

Leading asset class Bitcoin (BTC) has been available for more than 10 years, and it can still run on a 500 GB hard drive comfortably for many more years.

It isn’t surprising for a video game developer to have no concerns about a codebase size. But concerns about the size EOS’s Blockchain is less directly related to its size. Rather, it is related to the increasingly centralized model practiced by EOS. Only a handful of block producers store their entire history of EOS, making them more and more crucial to the operation of the network. If it were to be Bitcoin (BTC), the network would likely be unusable with only a few nodes running.

Video Indicates That Full EOS Nodes Began Falling Off Due to Block’s Rocketing Size

The video shows in detail the reason behind the lack of “history nodes” indicates a problem for the EOS Blockchain. It explains that back in November, EOS’s Blockchain grew to 1 and then later 2 terabytes.

However, as the chain approached this size, a good part of Block Producers began to pull out. This meant they needed to stop providing full history. It was becoming too technical and expensive to carry on.

However, EOS creator Dan Larimer insists that the full history nodes aren’t crucial for the Blockchain to function.

Fortnite Store Mistakenly Accepts Crypto

Sweeney’s interest in the Blockchain is a mere passing at best. As previously reported, the Fortnite store was recently accepting Monero by mistake. In addition to that, Sweeney’s firm has not pursued any potential plans to build crypto-integrated products. The company had initially investigated striking a deal with one European Blockchain startup, but have so far not pursued anything.

Notwithstanding, the recently minted billionaire’s following of Blockchain news on Twitter is interesting. The fact that he is interested in the EOS Blockchain is even more interesting because many mainstream developers have a preference for Ethereum (ETH) when it comes to exploring smart contracts.

Does this mean the next Epic game will have an economy created based on Blockchain technology? Is the associated crypto network going to be EOS? We’ll find out soon enough but for now, let’s not get our hopes high.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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