Ontology’s Development Platform for Enterprises Hosted on Google Cloud

Decentralized App (DApp) developers can now create solutions using the Ontology Development Platform straight from Google Cloud according to an announcement from the Ontology team.

A blog post announcing the development read:

“Today the Ontology Development Platform (ont_dev_platform) was released on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, making Ontology one of the first public blockchains to have a development platform on the leading cloud provider marketplaces: Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.”

The software (ont_dev_platform), provides developers with tools and resources to developing smart contracts on Ontology’s blockchain.

Ontology wrote:

“Using the Ontology Development Platform on one of these cloud providers allows you to play around with and develop smart contracts without having to go through the fuss of configuring and setting up an environment locally.”

According to information on its website, Ontology is a diverse, integrated, distributed trust network and the infrastructure for building a trust ecosystem. Its public blockchain makes it easier for companies to adopt blockchain technology across different business scenarios and compliance requirements. The team says that the new partnership with Google will help the project to grow the tech community and make developing DApps more accessible for all.

Following the release, Ontology joins the Google Cloud Technology Partner program which allows the blockchain project to collaborate with Google in activities like product Marketing.

ontology on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, smatereum crypto news
                             source: Ontology blog

Last December, the Ontology Development platform was introduced to Microsoft’s Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The cloud suite which includes a block explorer, a smart contract integrated development environment (IDE) SmartX, and an Ontology test environment is available for free on the platforms.

At the time, Ontology hoped to launch same for Google Cloud in January but, it appears to have been delayed until now.


Ontology (ONT) Price watch

Ontology is trading at just under $1 at the time of writing posting a slight gain of 1.2 percent in the last 24 hours. The coin has climbed into the top 20 ranking with a total market cap of about $317 million.

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