Could Enjin The Cryptocurrency Startup Back Blockchain Wallet For Samsung Galaxy S10?

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Last year, Samsung hinted that it’s upcoming Galaxy S10 series would come with a cryptocurrency private key storage. A leaked photo of the phone that surfaced on the internet in December showed that the phone might have an inbuilt Ethereum wallet. Recently, however, the rumor in the space is that the three S10 phones will come with a blockchain wallet backed by the South Korean cryptocurrency startup, Enjin.

Enjin To Back Samsung Blockchain Wallet?

Yesterday, Asia Crypto, a news outlet, announced that an anonymous source told them that Samsung has appointed Enjin Wallet to back a blockchain wallet for the S10 smartphones that would soon be released. The person who provided the information sent a screenshot that was allegedly posted by Tworld. Tworld is one of the largest telecom firms in Korea. The screenshot revealed that Enjin Wallet was the wallet used for Ethereum transactions on the Galaxy S10 phones. It also showed the ENJ token being used along with BAT.

The Enjin Wallet will allegedly be installed in the S10 series. This phone, which is reportedly going to be used by more than 31 million users, might be the perfect vehicle to drive adoption of cryptocurrencies, particularly Ethereum. People would be able to receive and send ERC-20 tokens and cryptocurrency game assets for ERC-1155.

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Samsung is allegedly trying out blockchain technology because it believes it is more efficient for data distribution, management of digital content, content sharing, etc. DLT will also be used to secure in-game ownership, as well as transaction and publication notes.

Enjin is the company behind the launch of the ERC-1155 tokens. These tokens are used to buy and sell digital items in the virtual world and establish digital ownership. The wallet is already available on Android and iOS devices. It doesn’t just support ERC-1155 tokens but also supports ERC-20 tokens.

Samsung Galaxy S10

On the 20th of February, Samsung announced that it is making plans to finally release the long-awaited Galaxy S10. The series of three phones will be the company’s new flagship product. The announcement stated that the new phone will have a feature for storing private keys. However, it did not state that the phone would be coming with a wallet. On several occasions, the company denied that the phone would come with centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency applications.

Despite all the denials, many experts in the space are convinced that the phone will come with a blockchain based wallet. In fact, on the day of the latest announcement, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, Heslin Kim, shared a video on Twitter. The video was a tutorial containing instructions on how to use the blockchain wallet in the Galaxy S10 series. Kim claimed that Samsung deliberately refrained from mentioning the wallet to “keep Apple on their toes.”

Kim isn’t the only one who is certain about a blockchain integration on the Galaxy S10. CoinDesk Korea reported that some of its reporters had the privilege of testing the smartphone in Seoul. Until now, neither Samsung nor Enjin have made any comments about the rumor. Until they do, or until the phone is finally released, this should be regarded as speculation.

Do you think Samsung integrated a blockchain wallet on its Galaxy S10 smartphones? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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