Demand For Blockchain Engineers Increases By 517% Ahead Of The Fourth Technological Revolution

Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technologies are going to lead the world into a new era – the fourth technological revolution. This is why the demand for software engineers with blockchain skills has spiked in recent time. New research revealed that, more than ever, companies are interested in employing developers who have experience in the blockchain space.

Companies Want Blockchain Engineers

While the demand for blockchain engineers has increased gradually over the last five years, it increased by more than 517% within the last 12 months alone according to the reports from Hired, a job site. The analysis of the company was done for only software developers. It showed that is almost every region, job opportunities for blockchain experts were among the first three. This was followed by the demand for security engineers (132%) and the demand for embedded engineers (76%).

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The CEO of Hired, Mehul Patel, said that this spike in demand for developers with blockchain skills is over the roof and is more than anything he has ever seen. The data was from a database involving 10,000 employees and 100,000 job seekers. The report stated that blockchain developers earn as much as $157,000 yearly in the United States. The salary for software engineers with blockchain development skills in the United States is comparatively higher than that of other places. In London, these same developers earn about $90,000 while they earn $75,000 in Toronto and $67,000 in Paris. As the demand increases, the salaries increase as well.

Hired Isn’t The Only Site With Such A Report

Other firms that studied the job demand have come up with similar data with Hired. Burning Glass, a market research firm, in December, conducted research that showed that the demand for software developers with blockchain skills increased by 316% over the last year. This led to the creation of 12, 006 jobs in the United States alone. Burning Glass also reported that the average pay for blockchain developers in the United States is about $125,000.

Apart from Burning Glass, LinkedIn also reported that blockchain developer jobs took the top stop last year. The job listing for developers who know how to create blockchains was up 33-fold on LinkedIn in 2018. This was followed by the demand for those experienced in machine learning which was up 12 fold.

Apart from the high demand, the report from Hired also showed that 12% of software developers listed blockchain development as their preferred option when asked which skill they would want to learn. About 51% said they want to learn Python programing language, 49% said they wanted to learn Javascript while 19% said they wanted to learn PHP programing language.

One of the reasons why there was a mismatch between the number of blockchain job openings and the number of developers is in the unavailability of training centers. There aren’t enough training centers for people who have an interest in learning about blockchain development around the world as cited by the report. If there were more organizations that offer this training, more software developers will have the knowledge and certification they need to become skilled in the blockchain space.

Do you think more organizations will capitalize on the unavailability of blockchain training centers? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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