Ethereum Core Developers Hunt For New Hard Fork Coordinator Following Afri Schoedon Departure

Afri Schoedon the developer who was in charge of the hard fork coordination team resigned from the position last week. Since then, Ethereum core developers have been looking for someone who will take his place and coordinate major software upgrades. Schoedon departure happened after he made favorable remarks about another blockchain sparking an outcry in the cryptocurrency community.

What Is the Role Of A Hard Fork Coordinator?

According to Hudson Jameson, the community relations manager at Ethereum Foundation, the role has to do with overseeing major developmental upgrades and scheduling them. It is the hard fork coordinator that will decide which dates are most suitable for the submission of EIPs, which dates are ideal for testing and which dates are ideal for the upgrade. Jameson noted that even if the coordinator makes these decisions, he would not be a dictator. All core developers will have to come to a consensus about the suggestions the coordinator brings to the table.

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This time, the developers do not want one person to serve as a hard fork coordinator. They want the position to be occupied by three or two people. Jameson said that some candidates have already offered their services and a group of core developers dubbed “Ethereum Cat Herders” has already started accessing applicants. The Ethereum Cat Headers volunteered their services in January. The idea was brought up by Lane Rettig, Hudson Jameson, and Schoedon. Their goal was to conduct assessments as part of the ultimate goal of promoting coordination and project management within the ecosystem.

Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade Finally Gets Activated

After months of waiting and shifting dates, the Ethereum Constantinople Fork was finally activated on the blockchain. Now, developers are making plans to initiate the next upgrade – Istanbul. They may also perform another upgrade called ProgPow.

Jameson explained that WhiteBlock, a blockchain testing platform would handle the benchmarking of ethereum’s experiments and evaluate the performance of the ProgPow on various mining devices. They are also making plans for a second audit which would be done to determine if specialized mining hardware can be built and deployed in a way that allows them to take advantage of ProgPoW. The Cat Herders haven’t mentioned which company will handle the second audit.

According to Jameson, about 55% of all the miners in the ecosystem want the ProgPow to be activated. This is according to the stats from the hashvote still going on on EtherChain. The goal of these hashvotes is to target miners within the ecosystem using an extra data field that helps determine if they are in support of a proposal or not. Alexey Akhunov, another Ethereum developer, said that the result may depict inaccurate interpretation of miner signaling. In Akhunov words:

“There is another interpretation which could be useful of this 55 percent number…Essentially if those 55 percent who turned out all voted in favor that gives you essentially a lower bound on how many GPUs are currently mining in the network.”

For now, no official announcements have been made regarding the implementation of ProgPow. The developers are still deciding.

Do you think the implementation of ProgPow is going to be a good thing for the Ethereum blockchain? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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