Pundi X Debuts XPhone That Allows Users Switch From Blockchain To Android Anytime They Want

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Blockchain technology has been gaining slow but steady adoption in mainstream society. In the financial industry, blockchain has found many use cases. The same can be said about the supply chain aspects of several industries. However, complexity and cost have been cited as some of the factors that have hindered the adoption of blockchain technology. One way developers are trying to work around this is by simplifying blockchain systems and making them accessible on mobile devices.

Mobile technology is one of the best vehicles to drive adoption. The Internet, for example, hit mass adoption when it became accessible on mobile. As the use of mobile devices increased, so did the use of the Internet. This is why many businesses are trying to reach out to the ever-growing mobile population. Blockchain developers understand this. This is why Pundi X is trying to make blockchain appealing to the masses by creating blockchain mobile phones.

Pundi X Creates XPhone That Lets Users Switch Between Blockchain And Android OS

Statistics have shown that people like it when they have the power to switch between new technologies and old ones before they fully migrate. The XPhone produced by Pundi X (NPXS) allows users to switch from a blockchain OS, which is the native operating system of the phone, to an Android OS using the X button. Pundi X launched a prototype of the device in October 2018. The device was used to make a call on the blockchain. Since then, Pundi has been working on improving the phone’s technology as it prepares to launch the final, fully functional version. During MWC Barcelona that happened between the 25th and 28th of last month, the company displayed an improved version of the device.

What You Need To Know About XPhone

The XPhone has an ‘X’ button. This button can be used by the owner to switch from a blockchain operating system to a regular Android operating system. If the owner decides to use the blockchain version, he or she will be able to send messages and receive calls on the blockchain. Each XPhone is a blockchain node that contributes to the function of the entire blockchain network.

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The CEO of Pundi X, Zac Cheah, said that one of the most significant benefits of the blockchain phone is that it gives back power to the people. Users will have full control of their data. Data will not be controlled or retained by centralized authorities as it is with regular phones. Right now, companies that control telecommunications and the Internet have profited significantly from having control of user data. Creating a blockchain phone that houses decentralized apps gives power back to the people. Cheah said:

“Much of what we call peer-to-peer or ‘decentralized’ services continue to be built upon centralized networks. We are changing that.”

The fully functional version of the phone will be released to the public later in the year. It is going to come with a fingerprint sensor, 5.65” inch screen, 128 GB ROM, 6 GB RAM, 3,500 mAH battery, 48-megapixel rear camera, 16-megapixel front camera. Each XPhone would cost $599 at retail price.

Do you think giving users the power to switch from a blockchain to an Android version of the phone is going to promote adoption or hinder it? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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