Taylor Monahan, CEO Of MyCrypto Wallet Talks About The Increasing Toxicity Within The Ethereum Community

A while ago, Afri Schoedon resigned as a core developer from the Ethereum developer community. This came as a shock to the entire cryptocurrency space because Schoedon played an important role in the development of Parity wallet and many other developments within the blockchain. During an interview with CCN, Taylor Monahan, the CEO of MyCrypto, talked about the sudden departure of Afri Schoedon.

Polkadot, Afri Schoedon, And The Ethereum Developer Community

Ethereum developers came up with a scaling solution called Polkadot. Afri Schoedon, stepped on a lot of nerves when he said that this scaling solution already does everything that the Ethereum 2.0 is going to be. This comment attracted a lot of backlash for the Ethereum community. It was so bad that Schoedon quit his job as a core developer at Ethereum. When talking about the issue, Monahan said that Schoedon’s primary job has always been helping individuals understand the Ethereum blockchain. In her words:

“He’s been around since the very, very early days. I actually came into contact with him in 2015 on the Ethereum StackExchange, where he was a master at answering all the questions. From there, his involvement on the community side and on the education side has only grown. I’m not sure when, but at some point, he became the release manager for Parity, which means that he manages all the releases. He writes the notes for the releases. He works closely with all the node operators, like the exchanges and ourselves, to ensure that we’re up to date. If we have any issues, we have a point of contact through him.”

Monahan said that she was at the ETHDenver conference when she heard that Schoedon quit his role at Ethereum. She said that she missed a lot of the drama and when she saw what the whole fuss was about, she wondered why people were mad at Schoedon. To an extent, she agreed with Schoedon’s original tweet. She said that it was not bad considering the fact that developers are terrible at timelines. According to Monahan, Schoedon has never presented himself as a leader. However, whenever he said anything that the community didn’t like, everyone would attack him for not living up to his de facto leadership roles.

In Monahan’s opinion, what happened with Schoedon is a reflection of the high toxicity levels in the Ethereum community. She also suffered similar trolling when she split from MyEtherWallet to MyCrypto Wallet. When asked about the decision, she said that she had to start her own company because that was the only choice she had. However, she acknowledged that she may have made a mistake by taking the MyEtherWallet Twitter handle when she left. She got all sorts of offensive comments from different members of the Ethereum community. In her words:

“It happened for a variety of mostly business reasons. In 2017, the original founder just sort of disappeared. I was paying people out of my own pocket. Talked to a lot of lawyers trying to resolve the situation, and the lawyers said one option was to start a new company. […]”

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“I didn’t even have a personal Twitter. I assumed that the co-founder wouldn’t care, so I made a poor choice, and I thought that the people were following @MyEtherWallet would want to continue following the people that were building MyEtherWallet. It turns out that they don’t give a f*ck about me or my team – they want to follow whatever MyEtherWallet is, and so that really upset people.”

Why do you think the Ethereum community has become so toxic? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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