Major Cryptos See Reduced Commits in the Last Three Months

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According to data provided by LongHash, the development of some major crypto has dropped. EOS, Ethereum (ETH), and TRON (TRX) development have drastically reduced in the past three months.

When we consider the month of December which is a holiday, a period when development virtually slows down, there are still two months (including November and January) of development time to account for. LongHash’s data shows that among the 4,000 commits submitted in the last 12 months, just 114 completed. And this was attained in the last three months on the EOS Blockchain.

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Ethereum (ETH) and TRON (TRX) Also Recorded Development Declines, Although Minor

Of the three Blockchains mentioned, none were among the list of the most active regarding development according to CryptoMiso.

Insolar remains the most active development team by a mile. A few Ethereum (ETH)-linked projects are also represented. Raiden and 0x, are both scaling solutions for the Ethereum network. They have a high-level development by comparison when you consider the number of Blockchain platforms out there. Interestingly, Aelf has maintained its rapid development. The recent progress report from the offering given earlier this month indicates that the signs are positive for the community.

EOS Ranked 9 Instead of 3 in the Last 9 Months

When you expand the table into the last nine months, instead of the number 3 position that EOS held in the past, EOS now ranks number 9. The chart shows the decline in the development of the offering.

No more than 100 EOS contributors had over 2,700 commits that received approval in the past nine months. What about in the last three months? 114 by over 100 contributors. Hence it is safe to say, the number of developers who are working on the EOS Blockchain hasn’t declined despite the development drop.

EOS Developer Count Remains Steady

This news about the EOS Blockchain follows concerns that the EOS blocks are actually oversized. Apparently, this chain is now so large that many node operators don’t want to run “full history nodes again.” This can typically be crucial for some areas of EOS development. EOS on its own is a different animal altogether regarding Blockchains. It is said to have an “arbitration court” which can help with the reverse fraudulent transactions.

When we look at the outside of the GitHub development, the total number of commits on the punch card may appear as the most important figure. However, a single commit can alter one line or each file in the codebase.

It is also a possibility that the EOS development team decided to change its policy regarding pushing commits. The same thing applies to choosing to “squash” changes together. You can also include updates on a consistent schedule. As for EOS’s sustained number of developers, it is safe to say that development is ongoing, although it appears that the mode of publishing changes has been changed.

It is also possible that this recent decline in developer activity is also attributable to the extended crypto winter. We can recall that last year, before the beginning of the crypto winter, several company members left is the primary developer of the EOS Blockchain.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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