Lyft And Solve.Care Use are Improving Medical Care With Blockchain Technology

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The vision of Solve.Care is to create a healthcare system that can accomplish effective and accessible healthcare at affordable rates. The CEO of Solve.Care, Pradeep Goel believes that data transparency is crucial to achieving the company’s goal. Further, he revealed in an interview that information transparency must include straightforwardly packaging the data for patients to understand.

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Packaging is Important

As of January 1, of this year, many hospitals in the United States are required to put their price lists online. Price transparency has been an issue. Although while consumers don’t disagree about the issue of price transparency as something essential or necessary, the dollar signs, “dog’s breakfast of medical codes, and abbreviations” posted by hospitals has not been of much practical usage for patients. This is true for those who may have no idea or not enough information about every component of a treatment as well as how their benefits will impact the overall cost of the service

The issue of price transparency in the healthcare sector is an “elusive unicorn” looking from the short term point of view. There are several ways a consumer can be left in the dark regarding trying to determine the price. The matter of pricing disclosure is a great first step when it comes to helping patients navigate through the healthcare sector, though it is just a baby step for now.

Care.Wallet App Looking For Broader Appeal

The Care.Wallet app launch has reportedly given the company a lot to think about. It has validated the platform’s strength and its potential. It has also used user feedback to understand how to engage audiences in the best way possible.

The priority of the company, for the time being, is ease of use for patients. They are working on new ways to make sure that using the app becomes easy and fun to use for all audiences. Goel has said, a patient with a phone in one hand and a bag of groceries in the other hand could order a prescription medication or change their doctor’s appointment while walking to where their car is parked.

Data Convergence And Privacy

Additionally, Goel spoke about the importance of a convergence position for healthcare data. All the different health tracking applications and devices available offer limited usage to patients or physicians if the data is hard to access. This is also possible if the information isn’t delivered to an individual who can analyze it in the context of a patient’s overall health.

Lyft And Solve.Care Collaborate To Improve Appointment Attendance recently entered into a partnership with the rideshare service provider, Lyft. Integrating Lyft into its Care.Wallet app, patients will now have the means to schedule transportation to and from their appointments. They will be able to pay for the ride in the app. The alternative is that their benefits provider can also pay for their ride. Additionally, the decision to integrate Lyft into the Care.Wallet helps providers get notifications that there’s a patient is en route.

Remember that the goal is to make it straightforward for patients to meet up with appointments, reduce no-show costs for health care providers and improve the continuity of patient care.

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