Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, Says He Spent $10,000 Last Week On BTC

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has always been a fan of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular. He is among the most prominent people in the world who have openly declared their support for Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology. Recently, during a podcast, the CEO of Twitter, said that he spent up to $10,000 Last week on Bitcoin.

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey Spent $10,000 Last Week On BTC

During the podcast, Dorsey said that he started experimenting with Bitcoins because he sees parallels between Bitcoins and Twitter. There is this Bitcoin buying trend on Twitter known as “Stacking Sat Saturday”. Every Saturday, cryptocurrency enthusiasts but $25 worth of BTC as part of their accumulation efforts. It doesn’t just help them accumulate BTC. It also reflects the growing adoption of the flagship cryptocurrency. Dorsey said that he would have participated in the event this last Saturday but he didn’t because he had already exceeded his CashApp limit for the day.

Dorsey didn’t say the exact amount he spends on Bitcoin weekly. However, we concluded that he spends $10,000 weekly because this is the daily limit set on the application. He went on to say that he will consider joining the trend next Saturday.

Bitcoin As A Native Currency For The Internet

Dorsey is one of the many prominent people who believe that Bitcoin is the ideal native currency for the Internet. During an interview with Joe Rogan, the CEO of Twitter said that “Bitcoin was something that was born on the internet, that was developed on the internet, that was tested on the Internet. It is of the Internet.”

Last year, he also said that in the future, virtual currencies will be a legitimate means of global payments. The fact that he is stacking up shows that he believes this with all his heart. Last month, he said that he holds only Bitcoins. After that, he was asked why he fancied Bitcoins. In reply, the CEO of Twitter said that he believes Bitcoin is going to become a global currency soon.

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Dorsey isn’t the only one who believes in the future of cryptocurrencies. The CEO of Kaspersky, a cybersecurity firm, said that he believes that the entire world will eventually be under a single government in the next 100 years. When this happens, digital currencies will be the only currencies. He emphasized that even if the concept of cryptocurrency is great, the world isn’t ready to fully accept them now.

What do you think? Is Bitcoin going to be the native currency of the Internet in the future? Share your thoughts about Jack Dorsey’s statement in the comment section.

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