Crypto Markets Slow Down Ahead of Key Resistance; BNB on Fire! (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC Cryptocurrency Price Update March 7, 2019)

March 7, 2019 Crypto Market Update smartereum coin360

After a brief midweek price surge, most of the top cryptocurrencies are beginning to settle into their now familiar prices. While a lot of coins have recovered from the losses of last week, they fell short of breaking key resistance points. Its anywhere from here at the moment.

However, one coin is still wowing the market. Enter Binance Coin (BNB). It appeared to slow a bit yesterday but is now leading performance in the top 10 category flipping Tether USD to 7th place on the rankings. Yesterday’s leader Litecoin (LTC) seemed to have slowed a bit in the last 24 hours although it’s still 20% up since last week amidst news of Litecoin Core v0.17.1 RC1 release.

Crypto Market Summary 

  • Binance coin (BNB) is best performing top cryptocurrency with 14 percent gains
  • Bitcoin Dominance at 51.6%
  • Little changes for top 20 coins in the last 24 hours analysis
  • Coins are dropping price in hourly analysis
  • Except for LTC and BNB, top cryptos are largely unchanged week-on-week
  • Total crypto market capitalizations maintained at $132 billion
  • BTC, ETH, Fail to stay above key marks.
  • BNB to the Moon?
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Bitcoin BTC / USD Price Today March 7, 2019

After an impressive bull run (by current realistic crypto standards), Bitcoin is hovering just below $3,900 a more familiar territory for the coin in recent weeks. Though analysts had hopes of BTC surpassing $4,000 mark yesterday, the positive hourly gains only to BTC as high as $3,920 on some exchanges. Current trading price is $3,898 just around the zone where it was last 24 hours and last 7 days as a matter of fact. There’s no signs of a major retreat, so we can expect anything. It’s gone down by 0.1 percent in the last two hours, but it’s nothing significant.

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Ethereum ETH / USD Price Today March 7, 2019

Ether (ETH) reached a high of about $140 yesterday but it couldn’t surpass that major mark as the trading volume refused to pick up despite a general market rally. Now trading at $137 to the USD, ETH has lost 0.6% of its value in the last hour. Total market cap and trading volume were pretty much unchanged at $14.4 billion and 4.5 billion respectively.


Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash  LTC / USD, XRP /USD, and BCH / USD Price Today March 7, 2019

Litecoin (LTC) has slowed after an impressive bull run that saw its price go north of $56 yesterday. It has more or less stayed there but the coin is still up 20% from last weeks prices which can be attributed to the Litecoin Core v0.17.1 RC1 release. Litecoin has not changed in the last hour and has witnessed a marginal +1% change in the last 24 hours. Its 24-hour trading volume which doubled 3 days ago is still high so we could see some more upward movement.

NamePrice24H %

Ripple (XRP) has continued its slow progress having gains less than 1 percent in the last 24 hours.  Its coin market cap stands at just over $13 billion with the USD equivalent of its token at 0.315 having reached a high of 0.32 on March 6.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has dropped 1.5% since the time of the analysis yesterday. Its hourly price changes indicate more losses may accumulate in the next 24 hours. Though it was expected to yesterday higher than $133, BCH could only manage a high of $134.02 before dropping to $131 at the time of writing.

Binance Coin BNB / USD Price Today March 7, 2019

Binance Coin (BNB) picked up speed from where it left off yesterday. It is the only coin in the top 20 that has increased more than 10% since yesterday. Clearly an outlier today, BNB posted 13 percent gain since yesterday to reach a trading price of $15.17, overtaking Tether USD to 7th place in the process.

Weekly and Hourly Cryptocurrency Analysis

Most top cryptocurrencies are losing slightly in the hourly price analysis though this could change during the cause of the day.

On the weekly analysis, EOS and Moreno are perming marginally better than they did by this time last week. Bitcoin is neutral while Litecoin and BNB have massively increased in one week—LTC by 20% and BNB by 50%. To the moon, you say?


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Riccardo Lopp is a writer specializing in Crypto, ethereum and whole blockchain ecosystem. His background is in economics and statistics.


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