Russian’s Ruling Party Set to Run Its Primaries with Blockchain-Based Electronic Voting

There is no going back in blockchain technology, as it is here to stay. The technology has proven itself worthy. It is very useful. It has also helped to make a lot of things easy in many industries. The technology is currently being employed in several industries. It is used in different ways for different things, and it has diverse use cases. However, most of its uses are yet to be discovered.

The technology has just proven itself to be useful again in Russia. United Russia has just found a new case for blockchain. United Russia is the ruling political party of the Russian Federation. The political party just launched an electronic voting system that is based on blockchain.

United Russia to Conduct E-Voting on a Blockchain-based Platform

This was revealed in a report by TASS – a local news agency –  on the 6th of March. According to the report, United Russia launched the blockchain-based platform to conduct its primaries. The party added the electronic voting function in order to conduct the election electronically.

Vyacheslav Sateyev – the head of IT projects of the party – said that the process of counting the vote will be implemented using blockchain technology. Sateyev also added that:

Candidate will be able to fill in their personal pages on this site. They can also post news, photos, videos, and distribute their pages. The personal account is now integrated with all social networks. We have also developed a responsive version of the site for mobile phones.”

Voting Process

However, only eligible citizens will be allowed to vote on the platform. To be eligible to vote, you need to complete the process of authorization on the web portal. According to the report, the electronic voting system is built to enhance election transparency. It will also eliminate the need for intermediaries in the process of election.

The primaries are an in-house election held by the party to nominate candidates for various levels in the general elections. Nevertheless, the verdicts made in the primaries aren’t necessarily final. In 2016 general elections, some candidates from United Russia partook in the general elections without participating in the primaries.

 In February, the city council of the capital city of Russia – Moscow – submitted a proposal to use blockchain-based e-voting system. A local parliament in Moscow – Moscow City Duma – plans to protect e-voting results and process in the imminent elections. The parliament plans to achieve this with the help of blockchain technology.

Previous elections in the region

In December last year, a region in Southern Russia – Saratov Oblast – reportedly carried a successful blockchain-based election. The total number of participants involved in the election is 40,000. The election was to vote in members of the local Youth Parliament. They achieved this through Polys – a blockchain-based electronic polling system. The system was created in 2017 by Kaspersky Labs.

Blockchain technology is increasingly becoming popular and useful. More researchers and firms are now exploring the potential uses of this technology. As the day goes by, more uses are being discovered, and this is attracting many to the blockchain space.

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