Ethereum ETH Overtakes Bitcoin (BTC) in Active Protocol Development

Bitcoin Price shows it is the leader when it comes to digital assets. But digital gold holds the silver podium regarding protocol development, crypto research firm Electric Capital reveals.

BTC to USD: Bitcoin (BTC) Doesn’t Have the Most Active Development Team, Ethereum Does- Bitcoin Price

According to the Electric Capital team following their exhaustive study, Ethereum has the most active developers. The study covered 2,800 coins and 21,000 development repositories. It was called the “Dev Report.” It focused on the sum of active developers among the major cryptos.

Ethereum (ETH) has the most active development team not considering its market activity. The digital asset has 99 active developers in the “total code” category. This figure surpasses Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Per the report, each Blockchain was split into two development categories: “core” and “total code.” The “total code” includes changes to documentation and “lesser” contributions. The “core” coding is directly related to Blockchain development.

For tokens that run on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain changes to smart contracts can count as “core” commits. The Ethereum Classic or Bitcoin Cash forks count as new code. This model gives a more accurate image of developer commitment to these projects. However, counting commits, with a strict filtering mechanism, will raise anxiety among the diehard crypto fans of some projects.

BTC to USD: Blockchain Developer Number Has Risen Since Recent Bull Run- Bitcoin Price

The report reveals details of the impact of negative market forces do not affect development in a similar way to general interest.

We all want to “Blockchain the world” in bull runs. Developers, on the other hand, continue their efforts when the market is bearish. Although the total market capitalization has declined by 80% since the year 2017, the active number of developers on major projects dropped by 4%.

The active number of developers as of January 2017 from 2,800 Blockchains was 2,200. Now it has risen to 4,352.

In the bull run, billions of USD were raised for the development of Blockchain. More was collected by scammers the dark side of this exciting technology as well as free-flowing finds.

In 2017, users gained funding for every moonshot imaginable. This included things that needed a total shift in policy. was one of the first to create a rating system. is’s sister site. The initiative was developed to tell the difference between good investments and scams.

BTC to USD: Most Actively Developed Cryptos-Bitcoin Price

Tron (TRX), EOS, Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) are the most actively developed smart contract platforms. Cardano leads the way. It has the lowest market cap of the tokens mentioned above.

Ethereum (ETH) has 99 developers on a monthly basis. This is way higher than Bitcoin’s 47. When it comes to total code Ethereum (ETH) wins once more. The “total code” includes other commits relating to the Ethereum (ETH) platform.

Interestingly, projects like Zcash and Monero which have hundreds of millions USD in market cap, have 10-20 and developers every month. Come to think of it, a multi million USD company running effectively with very few workers. The situation speaks about the importance of crypto as a whole.

It has to be said that projects like Ethereum Classic (ETC) that have a value of nearly a quarter of a billion USD have fewer monthly active developers.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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