Excitement As Tron Community Members Prepare For Another 990,000,000 BitTorrent (BTT) Airdrop

The Tron BitTorrent Coin airdrop was announced last year and took place on February 11. Following the Tron BitTorrent coin airdrop, many fake exchanges asked users to swap their TRX token for BTT tokens. However, Tron’s Justin Sun, who also happens to be the CEO of BitTorrent, said that no one should do that as the organization would never ask users to send tokens for any airdrop. Now, another round of the Tron BitTorrent coin airdrop is on the way and it would involve 990,000,000 BTT tokens this time.

Tron BitTorrent Coin Airdrop For 11,880,000,000 Tokens

Ever since the Tron BitTorrent coin was launched, it has been bullish thanks to the support of the Tron community. The token has been an outstanding success in this bear market. This is why BitTorrent decided to host an airdrop and give out 11,880,000,000 BitTorrent tokens to Tron holders within a 12-month period. The BitTorrent handle posted the news on Twitter:

“Are you ready for our second #airdrop? On March 11th at 00:00 UTC we will reward TRON $TRX holders with 990,000,000 $BTT. Learn more about our airdrop program, and the exchanges & wallets supporting it!”

To protect users from fake exchanges, the BitTorrent team decided to provide a list of exchanges and wallets that will support the airdrop. Many well-known exchanges like Huobi, OKEx, and Binance will support the airdrop while the Tron BitTorrent coin can be stored in Tron Wallet and Trust Wallet.

BitTorrent also announced that its other incentive plans for everyone within the BitTorrent and uTorrent ecosystems. The goal of the three programs that were announced is to increase the adoption of the Tron BitTorrent coin. Users, clients, and partners will all benefit from the incentives.

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According to BitTorrent, user incentives will be specifically to educate the community on the importance of inviting more people and reaching massive adoption. To support their partners, BitTorrent will team up with exchanges that support the token. They will host airdrops regularly for the Tron BitTorrent coin. Another one will give clients in the ecosystem incentives as the support the network and bring it closer to achieving its goals.

What do you think about the Tron BitTorrent coin airdrop? Will it drive adoption in the BitTorrent ecosystem? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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