Hollywood Bitcoin Film “Crypto” Could Boost Adoption Despite Negative Connotations


Everyone is asking “will crypto ever recover” due to the crypto winter for all digital currencies. A recent Hollywood Film may help boost adoption, and this could mean a surge in crypto prices.

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This is considered extremely bullish news for members of the crypto community. The new trailer for the film “Crypto” has been unveiled. So many top actors are in the line up so far. Kurt Russel, as well as Luke Hemsworth, are main actors in the film.

The plot of the movie

This drama thriller is directed by John Stalberg Jr. it was written by Carlyle Eubank, Jeffrey Ingber and David Frigero. The film follows the story of Martin, a young agent who moves back to his hometown to uncover a system of corruption, fraud and deceit. Some features in the movie include guns, Russian operatives and money laundering using cryptocurrency.

It is a good thing to see crypto as the main topic in a movie. However, the asset is associated with the bad guys in this story. This may give viewers a negative view of crypto. Still, it may have a positive effect on adoption of digital currencies.

At this time, it isn’t clear whether it could be a bad thing for the industry. Maybe some plot twist in the film could change the way bitcoin is viewed in the overall theme of the movie.

From the trailer, bitcoin appears to be a sole character in the movie, and it may play a large role in the narrative. We can also see some cameo narratives from waves, Ethereum, NEO and stellar cryptos.

Fans are not pleased with the movie

The trailer of the film has gotten mixed reactions for the crypto community. Some people believe that the movie could have had a better plot. Others believe that the movie outrightly insults cryptos.

The movie will be hitting the cinemas on 12th April.

The trailer has been viewed more than three hundred thousand times in about 24 hours. This is not surprising because crypto enthusiasts are always on the lookout for some positive news about the digital currency space. They realize that it is generally a good sign for the industry and may mean more adoption in the near future. This is probably why most of them were annoyed at the theme of the movie which puts cryptos in a bad light.

Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream

The top digital currency is gaining more pop culture references, and this is a good sign. It isn’t the first sign though. In 2018, ‘Billions’ a hit Showtime series, briefly highlighted cryptos in different episodes. It is a better representation of digital currencies in this case.

Also in December 2013, before a lot of people heard about cryptos and bitcoin, Snoop Dogg, the popular rapper, tweeted that his upcoming album would allow bitcoin payments and also be delivered in a drone.

Five years later, in 2018, the rapper performed at an after party of Ripple. This happened during the blockchain week in New York. Some enthusiasts were shocked that he was already pro crypto at that time when it wasn’t even mainstream.

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