EOS Price Analysis: EOS is Trending Sideways in Short Term Price Forecast-EOS’s Unlimited Tower Starts Alpha Testing

Last week, the EOS price was in a bull run. The price of the digital asset started at $3.26 and rose to as high as $3.91 as a result of the bull run. On March 7, EOS price tested the $4.0 price position. It then went on to make a downward correction moving to the $3.80 price position.

The EOS price today fell to the support position of the 26-day EMA. This shift initiated a bull run. From the upside, EOS/USD is likely going to rise. However, there’s a chance that it may face a resistance position at $4.00.

Additionally, the stochastic is no longer in the oversold region. It is now above the 60% range which also indicates bullish momentum. It is a buy signal as well.

EOS Backed Game Moves to Alpha Testing

Recent reports indicate that the EOS backed game is moving to Alpha Testing this month. This means interested gamers can sign-up to the platform and test the TRPG game.

Unlimited Tower is a new EOS-based battle TRPG. The creators of the game announced that it is planning to start alpha testing this month. The network took to Twitter to make the announcement:

The @UnlimitedTower team will initiate the first Alpha Test of their new game this month. Unlimited Tower is a next-generation on-chain battle game (SRPG Dapp) that is backed by the EOS Blockchain.”

Interested gamers where urged to apply for the alpha testing phase.

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD


Gamers Can Apply for Alpha Testing By Filling Out the Sign-Up Document

Per the report, gamers interested in testing the new dApp can complete the alpha sign-up document. After this, the Unlimited Tower team will directly invite them to open an account and start testing.

The game is called as an SRPG (a Tactical Role-Playing Game). It allows players to form and update a party that includes unique servants and monsters. Gamers can advance in the game by enhancing their party with boosted items and characters. This will pave the way for players to become the “final hero.” Gamers automatically earn the accumulated EOS reward once they become the final hero.

In the game, there are 200 Servants, Monsters, and other items as at launch. This is in addition to several exclusive items available to early gamers. These features will be distributed via a “gacha” mechanism. A gacha mechanism is a digital randomized vending machine. The gacha mechanism pays out between 500 to 3,000 UTG tokens to gamers.

EOS Medium Term Forecast

Looking at the 1-hour chart of EOS/USD, the EOS has initiated a sideways pattern. As for the 12-day EMA along with the 26-day EMA, both factors are trending horizontally. This indicates that the EOS price is fluctuating (staying below or above both EMAs).

Today’s forecast shows the EOS price at $3.77 as of the time this report was published. The price of the digital asset is below the EMAs. This also indicates that EOS is in a bearish zone in the medium term. The stochastic indicator isn’t in the oversold area. It is however below the 60% position. This also indicates that EOS is showing bearish momentum as well as a sell indicator.

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Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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