Invest $10 Into Digital Stocks Such as Amazon, Google, Facebook or Apple with DX.Exchange

In recent times, tokenized stocks have emerged. These stocks are a type of security tokens and aim to make the financial space more accessible to more people. It could also offer positive changes in the global market.

These stocks are making it easier to purchase shares in top companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple. A crypto exchange is making this happen by offering digital stocks. DX.Exchange is the company, and it has an EU license with Nasdaq’s matching engine technology. The company CEO, Daniel Skowronski spoke about the digital stocks which are backed by real stocks in the company.

Skowronski said,

Every time a digital Apple share is purchased on DX.Exchange, MPS allocates or if needed purchases a real share of Apple Stock. Each Digital share is backed 1:1 by a real stock similar to how stable coins work.”

How this can help people who want to own shares in Apple or Amazon

Millions of people will be given access to trading even though they may not be able to afford the shares in both companies. DX.Exchange is not leaving anything to chance while promoting their goals. The exchange has announced a collaboration with Perlin Network. This platform works on the cloud and harnesses underused computing power in devices to make the technology easily accessible and affordable.

This exchange also hopes to bring digital stocks to large countries such as India where only about 2 percent is interested in investing in shares. Indonesia is also a target market for the exchange, and it doesn’t have impressive numbers when it comes to investing in shares.

Is this feasible in those areas?

The goal of the company is laudable, but there are questions about whether developing economies can be fully incorporated into such financial markets. Skowronski believes that it is possible.

He said,

Under our regulations, we make it as simple as possible for clients to open an account. Once the account is open, they will be able to invest as little as $10 into digital stocks such as Amazon or Google,” he said. “When you multiply that by millions of people, that is real wealth being created that wasn’t available before, and although that might not seem like a lot to the Western world, it’s a fortune in developing countries.”

Still, it is not clear whether such microfinance program can effectively reduce the level of poverty in some countries. Skowronski says the company is hoping to bring more to the table than just financial inclusion. Wealthy individuals enjoy the benefits it offers as well.

The CEO also spoke about the benefit of changing the nature of stock markets around the world. This is evident in the exchange’s plan to allow around the clock trading.

Will this development affect Bitcoin Price?

DX.Exchange is the foremost platform to offer tokenized versions of shares from top companies. Its emergence will definitely affect the price of digital currencies as well as the face of financial markets. Even though people ask, “will bitcoin ever recover?” and “is bitcoin dead?” we see more reason to believe that it has come to stay.

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Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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