Bitcoin Developer Jeff Garzik Subpoenaed In Craig Wright’s $1 Billion Lawsuit

The official Craig Wright Twitter handle is one of the most active in the Twitter cryptocurrency community. He is also the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. During the Bitcoin Sv Vs. Bitcoin ABC saga, the Craig Wright twitter handle was actively attacking anyone and everyone who supported Bitcoin ABC. The verbal character has never been known to sugarcoat his words when referring to other developers in the cryptocurrency community.

Craig Wright Twitter Handle: Craig Wright Sued For $1 Billion

A while ago, the Bitcoin SV developer was sued for 300,000 by the brother of Dave Kleiman, Ira Kleiman. Kleiman is suing Craig Wright for stealing Bitcoins from his deceased brother’s estate during a crypto mining operation. In recent reports, the United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida Subpoenaed Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin developer.

Jeff Garzik who is one of the earliest contributors to the Bitcoin codebase shared a picture of his subpoena on Twitter. From his post, however, the Bitcoin developer was not surprised by the subpoena. The summon is evidence that the Bitcoin lawsuit against Craig Wright is not going to end any time soon. It contained several inquiries from issues regarding the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto to the Silk Road and Mt.Gox scandal.

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One of the key areas of the subpoena has to do with the identity of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, a developer who allegedly has control of over 1 million bitcoins. Part of the subpoena was as follows:

“All documents, communications, and agreements that support [Jeff’s] personal theory that Dave Kleiman is Satoshi Nakamoto.”

This includes everything that may be related to the anonymous developer including text messages, social media messages and social media posts among others. Garzik is being Subpoenaed because he is one of the closest developers to have worked with Satoshi during the early development stage of Bitcoin. Both developers used to communicate frequently through emails and on online Bitcoin forums from 2009 to 2011 when Satoshi suddenly went dark. Garzik suggested that he may have been dealing with the late Dave Kleiman. In his words:

“My personal theory is that it’s Floridian Dave Kleiman. It matches his coding style, this gentleman was self-taught. And the Bitcoin coder was someone who was very, very smart, but not a classically trained software engineer.”

The court forwarded the document to three different addresses;;; and

Speaking to Treasure-Trove, Garzik said that he hopes his testimony will help the court resolve the Kleiman-Wright bitcoin dispute as well as provide any information that may help in the identification of the Satoshi Nakamoto.

What do you think about the subpoena against Jeff Garzik per the Kleiman-Wright Bitcoin dispute? Could Dave Kleiman really be the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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