What Can You Do With Tron $20 Million Airdrop On Tron dApps?

A while ago, Justin Sun announced that Tron would be giving away $20 million in a cryptocurrency airdrop. Justin Sun and the entire Tron community are working tirelessly to make the Tron dApps list the biggest and grandest in the cryptocurrency community. While the details of the giveaway are yet to be made public, users are already looking for how to participate in the airdrop and this is why an article on CCN tells users three things they can do with the money from the airdrop.

Things to Do On Tron dApps With Tron $20 Million Airdrop

Technically, each receipt will most likely get about $20 from the upcoming Tron airdrop. This is assuming up to one million people participate in the $20 million airdrops by Tron according to the article by P. H. Madore on CCN. The author suggested that even if $20 per user might seem small, it is more than fair considering the fact that users will do absolutely nothing to earn it. The author also noted that in the Tron dApps list, there are many apps that can be enjoyed with $20.

1. Gamble On The dApps

On the Tron dApps list, one of the best places to gamble is Tronbet. The decentralized app has three gambling games available and is making plans to launch new ones soon. On both games, the minimum wager is 10 TRX. Apart from Tronbet, you can also wager on TronVegas. Both casinos allow you to wager with a minimal amount of TRX which would be covered by your $20 in tokens. If you’re a person how naturally enjoys gambling, this is a good way to spend your $20. They aren’t the only casinos on Trons dApps list. There are other casinos on the list but these were the only ones tested by reporters for the sake of this article.

2. Invest In A Casino

Apart from gambling in one of the casinos on the Tron dApps list, you can also use your $20 to invest in one of them. The casinos on the Tron dApps list also allow users to mine tokens so to speak. The mined token can be staked or burnt depending on what you want. You can even sell it on the decentralized market. The more tokens, particularly ANTE you control, the higher your share of the casino’s dividend will be. While the dividends you may gain from the $20 may be small, it will give you a head start to invest more. After a few months of investing in a site like Tronbet, you may get back 25% to 50% of your investment.

3. Play Games On Tron

There are many active games on the Tron dApps list. Most of them are multiplayer games and they are interesting. With less than $20, you can play any of these games and even participate in the in-game economy to earn incentives.

The author also stated that if you do not want to use the $20 to invest in any of the apps on the Tron dApps list, you can simply hold on to the Tron Coin and wait for the upcoming cryptocurrency market bull run.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


If you benefit from the Tron $20 million airdrop, what would you use your share of the money to do? Would you invest in an application on the Tron dApps list, or you’ll simply hold on to TRX tokens and wait for a bull run? Tron vs Ethereum, which will be the winner?

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