BTC Price Prediction From Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, Gemini Founders, The Winklevoss Twins And EOS Founder Brendan Blumer

When public figures contribute to the Bitcoin price news, there is usually positive sentiment in the market. The Winklevoss Twin Tyler and his brother Cameron have always been strong believers in the cryptocurrency industry. The same can be said about the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, and EOS founder, Brendan Blumer. These billionaires have made a fortune from the cryptocurrency industry and they are confident that Bitcoin is here to stay. Recently, they reaffirmed the cryptocurrency community of their faith in Bitcoin offering Bitcoin price predictions that appeared unbelievable considering the state of the market.

Bitcoin Price News From Cryptocurrency Billionaires

Many people lost faith in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during the cryptocurrency winter. However, true believers continued to put faith in Bitcoin reassuring other members of the community that a Bitcoin bull run will come soon. They also encouraged the community to focus on the use case of the technology rather than the price. The CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange per volume, Changpeng Zhao recently took to Twitter to tell his followers that things will get better. In his words;

“$4k & 300k. There are tough days, and there are good days. We are always here.”

Zhao’s optimism in the industry is not unfounded. His exchange, Binance, and the Binance Coin made a lot of progress amid the cryptocurrency winter. Since the beginning of the year, the Binance Coin has been thriving against the USD. It now has a market capitalization of over $2.2 billion and is the seventh largest cryptocurrency in the market. Considering the fact that the market capitalization was about $800 last year, this is rather impressive.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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At another end of the billionaire cryptocurrency community, The Winklevoss Twin Tyler and his brother Cameron have also reassured the public of their faith in cryptocurrencies along with the CEO of Block.One, Brendan Blumer. Yesterday, reported Blumer’s comment on Twitter. The founder of EOS said that in the next twenty years, Bitcoin will overtake gold. In his words:

“Over the next two decades, bitcoin will replace gold as the leading commodity to store value.”

Since gold has a market capitalization of $8 trillion, Blumer’s Bitcoin price news is in line with the prediction Zhao made when he said Bitcoin will sell as high as $330k. If Bitcoin is to match gold, the price of one Bitcoin would have to be higher than $330k.

The Winklevoss Twin, Cameron, during an interview with Telegraph Newspaper, said that things will improve in the next 10 years. In his words;

“In the first 10 years, a lot of people were like ‘Amazon isn’t competing with Barnes and Noble’. But we know how that played out. Cryptocurrency is so young, we are only a couple of years into this journey. Crypto is transferring value and putting markets on certain resources which is, like, greater, like, brings more people in, like, than, like, sharing photos, right.”

The Winklevoss Twin, Tyler supported his brother saying;

“Which is powerful. People want to connect and stuff, but if you actually pay people and things in value that is almost, like, more significant.”

The Winklevoss Twins, regarding Bitcoin price news, also talked about the upcoming Facebook cryptocurrency. While Facebook hasn’t given details about this cryptocurrency, it is going to be something that will drive adoption in the cryptocurrency space.

What do you think about the Bitcoin price prediction of these Bitcoin Billionaires? Is their positive contribution to Bitcoin price news based on technicals and fundamentals or is it only because they are stakeholders? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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