Colorado Lawmakers Propose the Exploration of Blockchain in the Agricultural Sector

U.S state of Colorado lawmakers are aiming for Blockchain implementation in the agricultural industry. Per recent reports, four Colorado lawmakers jointly filed a bill for Blockchain exploration in agriculture. The bill dubbed bipartisan 1274 proposes that the department of agriculture commissioner formulates an advisory group. The group would study Blockchain applications for the agricultural sector.

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Lawmakers Have Identified Few Blockchains Use Cases for Agriculture

Some Blockchain use cases have already been identified by the lawmakers. They include improving product traceability, monitoring in-field conditions and controlling inventory.

Other uses cases include maintaining records for the production and transportation equipment. There’s also verifying data and the certification of organic products. Another case is tracking and ordering resources like fertilizer and seed.

According to the proposed legislation, the advisory group must report back to the state house of assembly. They are to present their findings and recommendations by January 15, 2020.

Blockchain in Agriculture Not a New Move Globally

The prospects of improving the agricultural industry with Blockchain technology has started to see widespread interest globally in recent months.

The niche of supply chains has seen attention. Numerous projects have been launched to investigate tracking of agriculture produce like milk, fish, coffee, meat, and more.

In February of 2019, Emmanuel Macron, the French President, made a strident call to action regarding the increased usage of data technologies like the Blockchain in the EU to improve the agriculture industry. He also hopes the technology can address concerns over the traceability of food after issues like the Polish meat scandal.

In October of 2018, the four largest agricultural corporations, known as the “ABCD” (Archer Daniels Midland Company, Bunge, Cargill, and Louis Dreyfus) were also eyeing the Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence. This is because they want to move the worldwide grain market into the modern digital age.

Bloq CEO Subpoenaed Regarding Craig Wright’s Satoshi Claim

Jeff Garzik is an early Bitcoin developer. He is also the CEO of Bloq, a Blockchain startup. Garzik has been subpoenaed by a U.S court. The subpoena orders him to provide information concerning an ongoing lawsuit involving Australian cryptographer Craig Wright. Wright has claimed he is BTCs unknown creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Garzik shared the court document indicating the subpoena on Friday. According to the document the U.S. District Court for Southern Florida has requested that he provided documents supporting his theory that deceased Bitcoin (BTC) developer, Dave Kleiman is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto.

Kleiman is a forensic computer investigator. He passed away in 2013 after a battle with MRSA. In 2018, his brother Ira Kleiman filed a lawsuit against Wright. The lawsuit alleges that Wright misappropriated billions of USD worth of Bitcoin (BTC) Kleiman’s estate. Wright and Kleiman were former business partners.

The lawsuit also accuses Wright of scheming to “take control of Dave’s Bitcoin (BTC) as well as his rights to specific intellectual property [IP] all associated with Bitcoin technology. ” The suit is seeking the return of a reasonable portion of the 1.1 million BTC (equivalent to $4.3 billion as of when this content was published) mined by the two. Either that or its “fair market value.” The suit is also seeking compensation for IP infringement

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