The First Blockchain Startups to Implement DLT Technology Find New CEO

Diital Assets Holdings is one of the first blockchain startups in history to implement DLT technology in the financial sector. The primary goal of the company is to promote its system for stock issuance and trade settlement. At first, many corporations became interested in using the technology but during the cryptocurrency winter, things cooled off.

Months ago, reported that Blythe Masters had stepped down as the chief executive officer at Digital Asset Holdings. Since then, the company has been working on appointing a new CEO and it finally named Yuval Rooz CEO. While they searched for a new CEO, AG Gangadhar acted as CEO. Yuval Rooz, who is one of the founders of the firm, was the chief operating officer before he was named CEO. Before serving as the chief operating officer, Rooz was the finance chief. The appointment was announced on Tuesday.

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The former CEO, Blythe Masters was an executive at JPMorgan Chase & Co before she joined Digital Assets Holdings. She worked for JPMorgan for up to twenty years and was among those who helped in the development of derivatives for credit-default swaps in the year 2008 during the global financial crisis. In 2015, she joined Digital Asset Holdings and became one of the most zealous advocates of blockchain technology as it applies to the financial sector. When she stepped down, Digital Assets Holdings cited personal reasons.

Yuval Rooz, the current CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, also has a rich career history in the financial sector. For over three years, Yuval was in charge of an electronic algorithm desk and was also handling key positions in Citadel, DRW Trading Group. Over the years, he has gathered experience in managing large teams in the operations and products aspects of the financial industry. He is the best person to fill the position of CEO in Digital Asset Holdings.

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