UPS & Inxeption Team Up to Launch Blockchain Platform That’ll Make Merchant Supply Chains Better

According to reports making rounds, major U.S postal carrier UPS and Inxeption an e-commerce technology company, have collaborated to launch a Blockchain-based platform to make merchant supply chains better. The new development was revealed in a recent press release on March 21. Inxeption Zippy is the new solution that both companies agreed to launch in support for the implementation of Blockchain Solutions.

Inxeption Zippy is Designed to Aid Companies in the Listing, Marketing and Distribution of Products

The new Blockchain solution is dubbed Inxeption Zippy. Inxeption Zippy is designed to aid companies in the listing, marketing, and distribution of their products to consumers. The platform is said to enable merchants to effectively monitor their entire supply chain from the aspect of product listing to delivery. This is designed to ensure that sensitive data such as contract-specific pricing as well as rates are accessible to both buyers and sellers.

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By using the new Blockchain platform, merchants will have the ability to upload their product information. They will also be able to schedule orders, monitor returns, and process transactions. Merchants will be able to review their sales and marketing analytics, as well as other services.

Inxeption Creates Simple Pricing Solutions for B2B Merchants

According to the CEO of Inxeption, Farzad Dibachi, the new platform “creates simple pricing solutions for B2B merchants who have limited IT and digital marketing resources to effectively manage all that is involved in selling and shipping from a secure place.”

In mid-January this year, UPS reportedly made an undisclosed equity investment into Inxeption. The investment was part of the company’s drive to delve deeper into the Blockchain sector.

Dibachi also cites that “business clients need secure platforms that can effectively protect their data and proprietary information. Doing this while also making it easier for them to interact and collaborate with their customers more effectively.”

Businesses Have Been Exploring Ways to Improve Their Supply Chain Operations With Blockchain Technology

The move by UPS and Inxeption isn’t the only step taken by businesses when it comes to Blockchain implementation. Businesses in various other industries have also been widely exploring new ways in which Blockchain technology can improve their supply chain. According to a recent report, the United States National Pork Board went into a partnership with a Blockchain startup.

The goal of the latest initiative was to test a Blockchain platform that can help pork supply chains. It will purportedly enable the supply chain to maintain food safety standards. Supply chains will be able to monitor and evaluate sustainability practices, livestock health, and implement environmental protections.

Earlier in the month, the largest branded shelf-stable seafood company in North America, Bumble Bee Foods, revealed the launch of a Blockchain platform. The goal is to effectively implement seafood traceability. Under this new solution, consumers will reportedly be capable of efficiently observing the whole supply chain, and actively access product information. Including data about the origin of products’ along with shipping history. This will be done by using a smart device to scan a QR code on a product package.

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