Worldpay Partners With Amazon to Enable Amazon Pay for Its Merchants

Amazon Pay is a well-known and widely adopted payment channel among ecommerce platforms. Amazon Pay has gone global. One of the major reasons is that it’s a native payment method on Amazon – one of the top online commerce platforms in the world. However, the payment method is not only used on online shopping platforms.

A lot of online merchants and retailers across the globe have adopted the Amazon Pay payment method. More firms and businesses are still adopting the payment method. However, some merchants and retailers are now switching to blockchain-based payment methods.

Worldpay Partners with Amazon to Use Amazon Pay to Enhance Its Platform

Worldpay recently announced a successful partnership with Amazon. This partnership will expand the opportunities for merchants. The collaboration is a great achievement for Worldpay as it would make it the first acquirer to fully activate Amazon Pay for its merchants. With this partnership, Worldpay merchants based in the US will be able to use Amazon Pay with the aim of enhancing the online checkout experience of their clients.

Patrick Gauthier – the Vice President of Amazon Pay – this is a serious move for their payment service. With this, their payment service will now be accessible by a wider stream of merchants. The initiative to secure a partnership with Worldpay shows the desire of Amazon to extend its payment services to a wide range of merchants across the globe. With such a target, Amazon has decided to establish relationships with a major acquirer.

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Speaking on the strategy of the firm, the vice president said:

“We began to actually think about how not to only simplify onboarding and integration, but how to better handle operations on an ongoing basis. We agreed the best possible solution for us was to integrate with a large merchant acquirer. This would simplify several day-to-day challenges around payments, reporting, dispute management, and reconciliation.”

He also added that merchants will also benefit from this partnership. Gauthier explained that Amazon Pay will facilitate interaction between merchants and buyers. He also said that this collaboration is the genesis of more innovations in the industry.

FIS Recently Acquired Worldpay

According to a recent report, a US-based fintech – Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) – had acquired Worldpay. This acquisition means a lot for FIS. The acquisition is an opportunity for FIS to widen its activities in digital payments. For Worldpay, the acquisition present an opportunity to enhance its competitiveness and expand into new markets.

However, it is worth noting that FIS is a partner of Ripple. With this, one can say that the partnership of Worldpay and Amazon is an indirect step of Amazon towards Ripple. However, this is not the first time Amazon is getting closer to Ripple indirectly.

Amazon earlier partnered with an Indian Bank – Axis. Axis is a participant of Ripple’s network. Axis and Amazon were working as a team to make sure that a new payment application for making payments on Amazon is functioning. XRP (XRP), which is used in some of the products of Ripple, was also applied in this case.

At the moment, there is no direct partnership between Ripple and Amazon. However, there are lots of pointers that it may occur in the near future. Ripple has secured a lot of partnerships across the globe, and Amazon might join the list soon.

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