Ethereum Browser, Mist, Shuts Down Giving Brave Browser A Chuck Of The Market Share

The 15-month long cryptocurrency winter didn’t just affect the price of cryptocurrencies; it affected cryptocurrency related businesses as well. So many businesses had to shut down while others downsized. Recently, one of the first Ethereum wallets, Mist announced that it would be shutting down operations. This wallet pioneered all ERC20 tokens, dApps, and GUI Wallet. Now that it has discontinued its operations, Brave Web Browser will have to pick up the torch. So, if you used to use Mist wallet, this might be a good time for you to check out a Brave Web Browser review.

Brave Web Browser Review: Will Brave Carry The Torch Now That Mist Has Been Discontinued?

The Ethereum wallet, Mist, announced that it was discontinuing its operations on the 22nd of March. The wallet and browser were at one time the number one choice for people on the Ethereum network. The rise of competitors like Brave, Opera and the rest didn’t make things easy for Mist. The cryptocurrency winter and the security issues on the network were also reasons why the Ethereum Foundation-backed browser had to discontinue operations. The announcement was made by Alexandre Van de Sande, one of the team members. In Sande’s words;

“We faced some extreme security challenges that forced us to reevaluate our whole roadmap and question if keeping the project alive would be a good use of the Ethereum Foundation resources.”

Since the team was unable to find a lasting solution to the security challenges, they decided to discontinue the browser and divert the resources to other projects on the Ethereum blockchain that are being supported by the Ethereum Foundation. He continued;

“Late last year we received notice of a few very serious bugs: ones that would allow an attacker to take control of your computer (and your crypto keys) by simply visiting an untrusted website [because of Electron]. This is very bad.”

Following this incident, the team behind Mist started to explore alternatives that will make Mist safe for users. However, the resources required to bring the browser up to par were more than what Mist could afford. They didn’t have the financial strength to keep up. Pulling out seemed like a good idea so resources will be redirected. He continued;

“The message of how crypto can make a better web has reached so far that now great names like Samsung, Opera and Brave are all focused on integrating web3 features on their roadmap.”

Sande admitted that many of the competitors are already close to achieving this and it would be pointless for them to devote a chunk of resources to doing something like that when competitors like Brave Browser are already equipped. Concluding, he said;

“Other browser developers have more resources and are closer to having web3 features natively than we were of having a secure browser framework.”

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Even if the Mist browser has been discontinued, the Mist team has said that they will continue to work with other teams backed by the Ethereum Foundation to promote user experience. Its users have now turned to Brave Browser and Opera. Since the announcement was made, the search queries “Brave Web browser review and Opera Ethereum wallet review have spiked significantly.

What do you think? What is your personal Brave Web Browser review? Or are you a fan of Opera? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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