After Basic Attention Token (BAT) Spike BAT Seem in Bullish Trend

Ranked the 24th largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization, Basic Attention Token (BAT) has started gaining recognition in the cryptocurrency space. While the Coinbase listing effect initially helped the price surge higher against the USD, this surge can’t be credited to Coinbase alone. The rise in the price of BAT is remarkable because BTC is currently stuck in an ascending triangle unable to gather enough bullish momentum.

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Basic Attention Token News Today: Basic Attention Token Price Today

The surge in the price of BAT shows that traders are bullish about the coin. According to CryptoPolls, many investors are confident that BAT is a promising token. At the time of writing, BAT was trading in green against the USD at $0.215023. This shows that it is higher by 6.58% against the USD and higher by 6.82% against BTC. The 24 hour trading volume is $19,960,270 and the market capitalization is $267,577,790.

One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that price predictions in the cryptocurrency space are never set in stone. So, even if the prices of altcoins are outperforming Bitcoin, BTC can take the cryptocurrency market for a bearish dive any time soon. It’s also important to note that the price of Bitcoin will soon break above the said triangle. If it moves above the $4,000 to $4,100 range, it will move as high as $5,500 against the USD anytime soon.

Basic Attention Token Reddit users are highly dedicated to the success of the network. They are often the first to report Basic Attention Token news. Basic Attention Token Reddit members may play a remarkable role in this success.

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)? How to buy BAT?


BAT: The Basics

Advertising may drive revenues for most internet businesses, but it’s also notoriously stuck to its age-old model ever since the birth of the internet. Advertisers pay publishers to show ads and pay based on the visibility. This has naturally led to a cat and mouse game of tracking users and their habits to show them the most relevant ads. BAT wants to change this.

BAT, or the Basic Attention Token, wants you, the user, to be paid for the ads they watch. In our current internet model, money changes hands between the advertiser and publishers only, leaving the users to gain nothing from being subjected to millions of ads. But that’s where BAT steps in.

BAT Development

BAT or Basic Attention Token are currency tokens that make use of the Ethereum blockchain technology and a Brave browser (a specialized web browser) as a platform to attain different advertising services.

Founded by the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, and JavaScript’s creator – Brendan Eich, BAT has been designed to be traded amongst users, advertisers, and publishers etc.

Its primary goal is to improve the competence of the digital advertising industry. In simple words:

Advertisers complete transactions in $BAT in order to acquire advertising room and user attention.
Publishers or content creators receive advert-revenue and user contributions in $BAT.
Users are rewarded in $BAT for their attention.
That’s right. You, as a user, would be paid for the ads you watch.

BAT Technology and features

Privacy: Every users’ browsing data (for instance, their browsing history) is kept completely private. This is because all information which is necessary for ad-matching does not leave the device. Moreover, third-party trackers are blocked automatically.

Enhanced advertisement matching: The Brave browser has the complete collection of user data along with intent signals, active tabs, URLs, keyword search entry information, browsing information, etc. The platform, along with the Brave browser can also establish if users are in a favorable time and place in their browsing experience, in order to provide them with offers.

Improved experience: Users need not have to reach out to external servers for every page load (for tracking scripts, pixels, etc.). This is because ad matching is performed locally. This helps in providing a quality browsing experience. This is in addition to good battery life, less data usage, little issues of disturbed content flow and fast browsing.

How to buy and store BAT?

The BAT token is an ERC20 token – which means it is powered by the Ethereum network and can be stored on all Ethereum supported wallets. These wallets include MyEtherWallet, a Ledger wallet, or even a Trezor which aggregates all the exchanges that support BAT trading.

The BAT cryptocurrency can be purchased by:

Funding a Brave wallet with BTC, ETH or LTC (an automatic conversion to $BAT takes place). Using credit or debit cards through the Brave wallet directly (pending launch).
Buying BAT tokens via cryptocurrency exchanges.

Like any other cryptocurrency, the BAT coin can be stored in wallets (hot or cold storages). Storing your assets cryptocurrency exchanges, as any crypto enthusiast would tell you, is a bad idea. It’s always better to store your assets in your own private wallet.

What is the future of BAT?

Trends so far

BAT opened at a price of $0.16 in June 2017, and quickly rose to a price of $0.8 in just 6 months – delivering its investors a five-fold return in that period.

During the market that followed later in 2018, the price dove down to below $0.2 before stabilizing around the $0.3-0.4 mark in the months that followed.

According to CoinMarketCap, BAT is ranked as the 50th largest cryptocurrency. This is because it proves to be advantageous since it can be traded amongst large cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, BigONE, Bittrex, Radar Relay, Bancor Network etc. Source: CoinSwitch

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