Ethereum (ETH) Price Breaks Key Support Preparing For Bullish Spike Against The USD

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Ethereum price prediction 2019 became bullish weeks before the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork. The Ethereum development team, after several delays, was finally able to successfully implement the Ethereum Constantinople upgrade. The bullish Ethereum price prediction 2019 renewed the hope investors had in the Ethereum blockchain. However, the price stability and bull pressure aren’t strong enough for us to conclude that the cryptocurrency winter is over. There is still the question of Ethereum’s recovery short-term.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019: Will Ethereum Recover Short-term?

Will Ethereum recover? This is one question everyone wants an answer to. However, there is no straight answer in the cryptocurrency space. Only time will tell. Yesterday, the price of Ethereum moved as high as $137. However, it ended up falling down before the end of trading yesterday. The second largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization broke the support at $134 and $132. The sellers have formed a key resistance at $135 but this isn’t such a bad thing according to the Ethereum price analysis on NewsBtc.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD

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You see the analyst suggested that the Ethereum to USD trading pair will resume the surge as soon as the cryptocurrency gathers enough momentum to rise above the resistance at $136 and $137. The buyers later pushed the price of Ethereum upward after it traded near the $130 level. The price of Ethereum moved above the 23.6% fib level of the last wave from $136 to $139. At the time of writing, the price of ETH was attempting a recovery against the USD. So, the answer to the question, will Ethereum recover short-term is yes.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019: Will Ethereum Go Up Again Long-term?

Yesterday, reported that the price of Ethereum will soon enter a smooth bullish motion. According to the Ethereum price prediction 2019, ETH will sell at $1450 by December. If Ethereum recovers to this level, it is going to change the game in the smart contract and dApps industry. Ethereum will silent all the so-called Ethereum killers like Tron, NEO, and EOS with this move upward.

Before we get to that stage, it is important that the price of Ethereum starts recovering against the USD to avoid falling even more. If it falls lower, it may sell as low as $125. This isn’t going to be good for investors sentiment short-term. The hurdles at the moment are at $134 and $135. The relative strength index is above 40 but must move above 50 before we can confirm an upward reversal. The MACD is slowing entering the bullish zone.

At the time of writing, the price of Ethereum was $134.33. This means that it is down by 1.68% against the USD and up by 0.07% against BTC. The trading volume over the last 24 hours is $4,798,630,093 while the market capitalization is $14,158,233,646 on CoinMarketCap. The next few trading sessions will determine if the price action will change.

What do you think about the Ethereum price prediction 2019? Will Ethereum recover? Will Ethereum go up again? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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