Tron BitTorrent Launches Snapchat Competitor, Integrates Native Crypto

There has been a lot of good news on the crypto space lately. The next crypto bull run seems closer than expected with the low volatility of bitcoin. Tron BitTorrent has also launched a competitor for Snapchat which will run with its native crypto.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


Tron has grown its market cap within such a short time and has also developed in terms of increasing user base, usability and building a robust community. The Tron BitTorrent acquisition has given the platform access to new users numbering into millions. Tron’s founder, Justin Sun plans to make a name for himself in the blockchain industry with these giant strides.

Tron BitTorrent Launches BitTorrent Live

A few hours ago, Sun took to Twitter to announce the launch of the Snapchat competitor, BitTorrent Live. The product aims to allow users to communicate through a streaming service. However, the product is still in the preview stage, but it hopes to be a competitor to top social media platforms.

It is basically a social media platform and live streaming platform. Its interface is similar to Snapchat and allows users to share their video content with ease. The announcement on Twitter revealed that the platform would allow people to express their creativity as they connect with users all over the world via live video. Continuous streaming would be a breeze for users who have internet access. 

Presently, the platform is running to allow for early access testing. It also allows the users to make payments with BitTorrent Token (BTT). According to the press release, BitTorrent Live with integrate Blockchain technology to protect the privacy of users. This system will also enable payments with BitTorrent, the utility token.

Tron BitTorrent CEO believes that the initiative is not like any other when it comes to content experience. He said,

Imagine chatting with your favorite athlete, becoming immersed in a music festival, or meeting new friends to share your passionsall by simply firing up the BitTorrent Live app.”

How BitTorrent came into the scene

In 2001, BitTorrent, a file-sharing platform, came into the scene. It was popular because users made it a tool to download pirated music, videos and illicit material.

The company remained firm despite so many attempts to shut it down. Its saving grace has been the fact that it is an agnostic tool for efficiently and effectively downloading files.

The company became a part of Tron when it was purchased for $150 million in 2018. At the time, the platform had about 100 million active users.

Tron price prediction 2019

So far, Tron has had a good week. Yesterday was even better as it bounced back despite heavy selling pressure. The TRX/USD pair found support at $0.022300.

According to CoinMarketCap, Tron is currently trading at $0.023296. Tron price prediction 2019 is also quite promising. Analysts believe that the digital currency will benefit greatly from the next crypto bull run.

Perhaps the recent news from Tron founder has a role to play in the market spike. Sun announced the winners of the USDT-TRON marketing stunt car giveaway. The winner was rewarded with a brand new mini cooper. Community members can still participate in the giveaway.

Smartereum also reported that Tron would launch BitTorrent Speed in the second quarter of the year. Sun has found another way to promote the platforms; staying in the press often. The publicity has done a lot of good for the cryptocurrency.

With news like this in the press, the next crypto bull run is closer than we think.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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