Weiss Ratings: Time to Invest Cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP), EOS (EOS) And Bitcoin (BTC) All Given “A” Ranking


Weiss is a financial research and analysis firm that covers about 53,000 institutions and investments. In 2018, Weiss ratings began providing ratings for cryptocurrencies making it one of the first mainstream financial research firms to offer rating cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several altcoins. Weiss ratings for 2019 has been released. According to release:

  • Ripple (XRP), EOS (EOS) and Bitcoin (BTC) are the Best-rated coins
  • Generally Positive Outlook for Crypto – Weiss Annual Crypto Outlook
  • Weiss says the time to invest is near

Ripple (XRP), EOS (EOS) and Bitcoin (BTC) were all given an “A” ranking, ahead of other cryptocurrencies in the 2019 cryptocurrency outlook released by Weiss ratings. In a press release that accompanied the report explained that its researchers comprehensively covered the emerging trends in the cryptocurrency market to come up with the rankings and report.

Cryptocurrency Price boom is Imminent

The cryptocurrency outlook from Weiss rating was very positive and suggested a cryptocurrency bull ride is on its way. Particularly for long term investors and medium term hodlers, Weiss founder Martin D. Weiss encouraged them to act fast.

“Therefore, for those willing to take the risk, the best time to invest could be very near,” he said. He also explained:

“Despite lower prices since early 2018, our rating model gives us hard evidence that a critical segment of the cryptocurrency industry has enjoyed remarkable growth in user transaction volume, network capacity, and network security. Equally important is our finding that these improvements are often powered by an evolution in the underlying technology.”

Top-rated Cryptocurrencies to HodL in 2019 – Weiss Ratings

For it’s ranking proper, Weiss explained that it assigned top after considering a mix of technology and adaption. These factors, it explained, predicted a high likelihood of long-term success. Among the best-rated coins are Ripple (XRP), EOS (EOS) and bitcoin (BTC) which received an “A” rating while Ethereum (ETH) got an “A-” rating. Though no crypto was rated A+, this is one of the very positive crypto ratings from the agency.

Ripple Price Prediction 2019; XRP Price USD

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Weiss rating wrote: “XRP, managed by Ripple, is best positioned to compete with SWIFT, the global network for interbank money transfers. Tech/Adoption Grade: A”

Ripple’s XRP is currently trading at $0.31 to the USD which is about 2.5% higher than in the last 24 hours. Its total market cap is short of $13 billion while its daily trading volume jumped to $822 million.

EOS Price Prediction 2019; EOS Price USD


Weiss rating wrote: “EOS is currently the leading cryptocurrency challenging Ethereum to become the backbone of the new internet. Tech/Adoption Grade: A”

EOS price at the time of writing is $4.08 to the USD and is about 2.2% better its value yesterday. Its total market cap is about $3.7 billion while its daily trading volume skyrocketed from 1.6 billion to $2.6 billion.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019; BTC Price USD

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Weiss rating wrote: “Bitcoin, upgraded with the roll-out of its Lightning Network, is the best positioned to become a popular store of value for savers and investors. Tech/Adoption Grade: A”

Bitcoin (BTC) price is at $4,050 as at press time and this is more than 2% higher from yesterday. Bitcoin dominance dropped to 50.4% of the entire crypto market although its daily trading volume went up to over $11 billion.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019; ETH Price USD

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Weiss rating wrote: “Ethereum is the most widely used smart-contract platform, but currently faces difficulties with scaling. Tech/Adoption grade: A-”

Ether price now stands at about $139 to the USD almost 3% improvement from this time yesterday.

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction 2019; Other Weiss Predictions

In its ratings, Weiss also rated Cardano, Steem, NEO, Zcash, Litecoin and Stellar highly by giving them a “B+”

EOS Price Spikes 11 Percent After Weiss Ratings Report

EOS, which is widely considered to be the Ethereum killer, is vying to dethrone Litecoin after a double-digit price increase. The coin topped the overall rating of the best cryptocurrencies that was recently revealed by Weiss Ratings.

EOS, the fifth biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, spiked 11 percent over the last 24 hours. The substantial price gain comes after EOS was named the best digital asset by Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings, surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum.

EOS, which got B- together with Bitcoin, XRP, and Binance Coin, appeared at the top of the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings list that was published on March 26. The main Ethereum rival also got an excellent mark in the tech/adoption department, which means that the coin could fare very well in the long term.

An 11 percent price increase

At the time of writing this article, the EOS price is sitting at $4.07 with an 11 percent daily gain that pushed the coin’s market up to almost $3.9 bln. This makes EOS the best-performing cryptocurrency inside the CMC top 10. If that bullish trend persists, EOS will most likely surpass Litecoin, which currently occupies fourth place.

Top 10 in the green

Other A-rated cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and XRP) are also in the green with comparatively modest daily gains – 1.85 percent and 2.34 percent respectively. Binance Coin, despite its high ranking on the Weiss Ratings’ list, recorded a minuscule decline while Stellar (XLM) is sitting pretty with a 3.85 percent uptick that was most probably driven by the Coinbase announcement. Source: u.today

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