BAT Surges By 10.89% Against The USD As Users Can Get Over $70 From Brave Browser

It’s not unusual for startups to give users incentives to visit their applications and spend time on it. Recently, Brave browser launched a program that allows users who download Brave Browser to earn money by viewing ads. This move generated a lot of attention that led people to download Brave Browser and buy the projects Basic Attention Token – (BAT). The CEO of Brave Browser, Brendan Eich, making a comment on Hacker News, said that users who download Brave Browser and participate in the advertisement incentive program will be able to earn up to $70 this year.

Download Brave Browser, View Ads And Earn Up To $70 This Year

Even if Brave Browser is a relatively new Ethereum browser, it is primed to accommodate all the Mist browser clients. Mist Wallet is another Ethereum wallet and browser that recently announced that it would be shutting down operations due to technical and financial challenges. In that announcement, made a brief Brave browser review.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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While the $70 is a rough estimate, it is still reasonable about to earn by simply visiting the browser’s ads. At this stage, many Brave Browser users block assiduously making their chances of earning higher. A lead user can earn up to $224 yearly. The amount is also going to keep increasing as more people download Brave Browser and the BAT token gains more recognition and rises in price.

Eich said that the incentive program is still at its trial stage. According to him, the final product is going to make the incentives more enticing for users. The company is still working on it and it would be available in the next few months. You don’t need to wait for the final product to be released before you can start earning. To benefit from the incentive program, simply download Brave Browser, view ads and start earning.

The Brave browser has attracted a lot of attention from public figures. A while ago, the co-founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, said that he had downloaded Brave Browser and is now using it instead of Google Chrome. On Android devices alone, about 20 million users have downloaded the browser after reading the Brave Browser review.

A while ago, Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin sang praises for the Brave project. He acknowledged that the Brave Browser and the basic Attention Token have done well in promoting adoption since it kicked off. He said that it is one of the most valuable projects in the Ethereum ecosystem and it has brought in a lot of users.

Basic Attention Token News Today: BAT Price Today

The Basic Attention Token has also gained a lot of attention recently. A while ago, it outperformed almost every other cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCapital’s list. Today, it is also outperforming. The significant surge in the price of BAT is commendable. During the latest Bitcoin bull run, the token also spiked against the USD.

At the time of writing, the price of BAT was up by 10.89% against the USD trading at $0.261074. Against BTC, it is up by 11.89% and against ETH, it is up by 11.79% according to The 24 hour trading volume is $41,832,685 and the market capitalization is $325,720,016. The double-digit surge in the price of BAT is commendable because Bitcoin is currently trading in red.

Will you download Brave Browser to benefit from this incentive? What do you think about the surge in the price of BAT? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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