Dev Null Productions Just Launched Interface That Allows Easy Access to XRP Ledger – XRBP

XRP (XRP) is one of the greatest survivors in the digital currency space. The digital currency has achieved a great level of success over the past year. A lot of traders and digital asset investors believe in the digital currency, and more firms and institution are beginning to adopt it. Even analysts are very bullish on the digital currency, with their bullish XRP price prediction 2019.

The digital currency has also had some challenges over the past year. XRP SEC – its issue with the Securities and Exchange Commission is one of the most persistent in the space. Ever since it started soaring high, XRP has been competing with Ethereum for the second position on the list of top digital currencies. XRP has tested that position a couple of times. But Ethereum (ETH) is currently occupying that position. XRP price predictions 2019 are quite realistic as XRP (XRP) currently has a lot happening around it.

Dev Null Production Releases XRBP to Enhance Access to the XRP Ledger

XRP also has a very strong community behind it. The developers in the ecosystem have also been working to increase the value of the digital currency and the XRP ledger. Dev Null Productions recently announced the latest news around the XRP ledger. This news might even trigger the accomplishment of some XRP price prediction 2019.

Dev Null Productions is a software production agency. The firm just announced the launch of XRBP. XRBP is an interface that allows for easy and swift access to the XRP ledger. According to the announcement of the firm, XRBP allows a seamless connection with Rippled severs. It also allows users to write and read data into and from the XRP Ledger.

Via an official blog release, Dev Null Production stated:

Dev Null Productions is pleased to announce the launch of XRBP – a library that aims to provide a fault-tolerant, accessible interface to the XRP Ledger. With this tool, developers can write and read data into and from the XRP blockchain in real-time. This would enable them to sync ledger data including transactions, accounts, objects, and more. Data is present through asynchronous and synchronous mechanisms with multiple-connection load balancing and fault-tolerance baked in behind the scenes.”

XRP Community Is Excited about the News, Congratulating Dev Null team on Twitter

The news about the launch of XRBP is a very big bullish news for XRP. More news like this might trigger a massive XRP bull run and XRP price prediction 2019. The XRP community is super excited about this development. Most of them are showing their gratitude by congratulating the Dev Null team on Twitter.

This is a great work, more language bindings are awesome,” says XRP Scan – a Twitter handle. In response to this, Dev Null said:

Agreed, we are quickly discovering the XRP ledger is a great language-agnostic distributed DB. All you need is a WebSocket client, and you can write and read data from and to the XRP Ledger.”

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP price is up by about one percent over the past twenty-four hours according to CoinMarketCap. The digital currency is trading at $0.313 at the time of writing. The current market cap of the digital currency is $12.88 billion. The trading volume of XRP (XRP) over the past twenty-four hours is $1.11 billion.

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