XRP Sees New Record Trading Volume, XRP/MXN Trading Surges to 82nd Position on CoinMarketCap

XRP (XRP) is one of the most traded digital currency in the crypto space. The digital currency has had its head in the competition to remain among the top ten digital currencies in the market. XRP is currently the third largest digital currency in the market by CoinMarketCap. XRP has been playing it safe to remain relevant and maintain its position in the cryptocurrency space. The price trend of XRP has also been affected by the recent trend in the market. Will XRP recover? Of course, it will. With the developments around XRP, XRP price prediction 2019, and XRP SEC news, the digital currency is likely to bounce back soon.

XRP has also attracted a lot of digital asset investors over the past year. Many digital asset investors believe in the coin, and they are holding on to some bullish XRP price predictions 2019 by top analysts. Despite the XRP SEC issues, the digital currency is still getting strong support from its community.

XRP/MXN Trading Now Ranks 84th on CoinMarketCap’s Trading Volume list

Recently, a Twitter user observed a significant change around XRP (XRP) on CoinMarketCap. The observation has to do with XRP trading in different pairs on several digital currency trading platforms. The Twitter handle of the user is @behindtheledger. According to the user, the trading pair XRP/MXN just surged to the 84th position on trading volume list on the 29th of March. On the trading volume list of CoinMarketCap, the trading pair was at the 150th position a few days ago.

The Twitter user also pointed out that there is a significant increase in the transfer volume of XRP from Bitstamp to Bitso hot wallet. According to the user, the number of transfers on the 28th of March was 373. The average transfer size was 1,640 XRP tokens.

XRP (XRP) Records Very High Trading Volume over the Past Day

The trading volume of XRP (XRP) is on the rise. The digital currency has seen a significantly high trading volume over the past day. The trading volume of XRP (XRP) over the past day is more than $1.6 billion. Bitstamp accounts for a considerable fraction of the trading volume of the coin over the past twenty-four hours. According to the Twitter user, the incoming traffic from Bitstamp has been very high. Chances are more digital asset investors are now in the market to uphold XRP for the long-term. Investors usually acquire and uphold XRP more whenever a crypto bull run or XRP bull run is imminent. The bullish XRP price prediction 2019 and positive news around the coin are showing signs of a potential crypto bull run or XRP bull run.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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According to the user, two factors are responsible for the massive spike in the trading volume of XRP. One of the factors is xRapid transactions, and the other is users migrating their tokens to Bitso from Bitstamp. xRapid is one of the few cross-border payment protocols of Ripple.

However, xRapid is the only product of Ripple that utilizes XRP (XRP). Banks and financial institutions are starting to adopt xRapid. As the adoption of the product increases, the use of XRP (XRP) will also follow suit. This would create more demand for the digital currency. An increase in demand for XRP would result in an increase in its value.

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